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Honoring a young life with a ‘Little Library’

Throughout life we are sometimes given more than we can handle. At the time we might not understand why we are the ones who must handle the pain we have been given. Despite the pain of losing an infant, one local family has been able to give back to the community and remember their loved one in the process.

Deb McCoy, of Lennox, along with her daughter Lana and son-in law Marcus sadly lost their grandson and son Carter in March of this year.

While the family does not have Carter by their side, they truly believe that Carter’s life has a purpose. As a Mother’s Day present and a way to remember Carter, McCoy’s other child Eric and his wife Sara built Carter’s Little Library. The entire family enjoys reading, especially Marcus and Lana’s other child Emerson.

Emerson loves books so much that when he was young he would read them carefully turning each page, treasuring them so much he would not rip the pages, said his grandmother.

The library was the perfect way to not only remember Carter but a way for the entire family to have something to enjoy together. Sara did all the work with the city to find the perfect spot for the library. Eric and Sara built the library themselves.

The family was able to have a memorial dedication for Carter’s Little Library just a few days before Lana and Marcus had to leave, as they were moving to Las Vegas for work. Since Carter’s parents have moved Gramma Deb will keep a watchful eye over his special addition to the community.

McCoy said, “If we can reach even just one child and give them the peace, adventure and desire to stay curious through reading a book, this gives Carter’s life an enduring purpose and meaning. Beyond what he already means to all of us.”

The family has received both books and monetary donations. The monetary donations were used to purchase more books for the library, as all the initial books that were placed in the library are gone, which is great said McCoy.

Carter’s Little Library is not only a wonderful way for this family to remember their loved one but also a great way for our community to come together and enjoy the love of books and reading.

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