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Harlan Temple publishes inspiring memoir

Harlan Temple is well-known in the Lennox area as a lifelong resident, local farmer and business owner.

Now, Temple can add published author to his list of accomplishments. Just last month, Temple published his 300-page memoir, “The Best is Yet to Be: A True Story of God’s Loving Provision”.

Temple said writing a book was on his bucket list and he felt compelled to make it happen.

“I have been blessed by God my whole life, so many dreams came to fruition,” said Temple, “I want this book to exemplify God’s glory and His honor, and to help inspire other people that your dreams can come true.”

Temple’s book speaks about his life with cerebral palsy and how he overcame obstacles to be able to fulfill his dreams.

Some dreams others thought would never happen, he said.

“I want to emphasize that you can’t let someone take your dreams away,” Temple said, “There’s always another avenue. It might not be exactly what you wanted, but many things can be done and accomplished.”

Now at age 78, Temple finds himself reflecting on a life well-lived.

Raised on a farm in the Lennox/Davis area, he always wanted to be a farmer. He credits his parents, Arleigh and Sophie, with supporting him as he established his career as an insurance agent while exploring ways to adapt both himself and farming equipment to make it all work.

“I credit my parents for setting the stage for me to know that I could reach my dreams. I needed some help, and I’ve had to do some things differently than others. But I’m thankful that I have been able to live the life I’ve dreamed of,” Temple said.

Another special person Temple credits is his wife Rita. The couple will celebrate 44 years of marriage in April.

“Rita is a supportive and amazing person,” Temple said.

He added that she was instrumental in publishing his book — helping with proof-reading, research and gathering photos.

Publishing the book took nearly a year, Temple worked with story-teller Loretta Sorenson from Yankton, and said they became friends through the process.

The book retails for $25 and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart and any other bookstores. Temple and his wife, Rita, will host a book signing from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 15, at Second Reformed Church, 1017 S. Elm St., Lennox, SD.

The book features a cover photo of Temple in his wheelchair on the road near his farm, as he rides off into the sunset. For Temple, the photo is very meaningful as he looks forward to the final journey that is ahead.

“I have Jesus to look forward to seeing face to face,” Temple said. “As my body becomes more confining, heaven looks more appealing. I don’t have a death wish; I have a heaven wish.”

Temple echoes those same sentiments in his book. Which has received some rave reviews.

Roy Peters writes in the forward, “The story of Harlan Temple’s life is an inspiring testimony to what can be accomplished and how full and fulfilling a life can be in spite of tremendous physical limitations. One is reminded through Harlan’s story of what is really important in life: a loving supportive family, faith in the living God, and a spirit of determination and attitude of never giving up.”

For Temple, the journey has been better by all those in his life.

“I’ve been blessed with such a great wife, family, and so many talented friends who did all they could to help me along my life journey,” Temple says. “The list is endless.”

Temple can be reached at 605-940-3835 or

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