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FFA hosts annual Zoo Boo, first spooky trail

By Wendy Sweeter,


Callie Hammerstrom brought her cat as part of her crazy cat lady costume. Photo: Wendy Sweeter

In preparation for Halloween, the Lennox Sundstrom FFA Chapter held their annual Zoo Boo and a spooky trail for the first time.

To prepare for the Zoo Boo, members set up their hoop barn behind the school with pens. Trick or treaters and visitors could pet a cat, dogs, horse, miniature horses, donkey, goats, sheep, calves and a lizard.

“We do this every year to be active in the community because we see a lot of support from our community and we just like to give it back,” said Callie Hammerstrom, chapter reporter.

“We do the Zoo Boo for the community to interact with animals and to learn more about our chapter,” said Kasey Trocke, ag instructor and FFA adviser. “We answer questions about livestock and agriculture while interacting with the community.”

In addition to the Zoo Boo, they also set up a photo backdrop for visitors to take pictures and offered pumpkin painting. They also held their first spooky trail.

“It was an event that a student suggested to do with the Zoo Boo to interact with older students and the community,” Trocke said.

The spooky trail featured lights, projections and props, along with scare stations throughout the trail. Overall they had a good turnout for the spooky trail and good feedback from people as they exited the trail.

“We are hoping to do the trail again next year and expanding it into further nights and more scare stations,” Trocke said.


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