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Family thankful to walk away from car crash

With Mother’s Day this past weekend many people showered their mothers with gifts and thank yous and love for all they do for us.

This Mother’s Day was a little different for Jasele Brue as she spent the day appreciating the fact that she still had all four of her children alive and with her for the day. Just three days earlier Jasele received a phone call that no parent ever wants to receive —it was Danielle Dubbelde on the other end of the phone calling to tell Jasele that on the way to bring Jasele’s son home from practice they were in a car accident.

Luckily, thanks to Danielle’s quick thinking, everyone in the accident survived and only had minor injuries. Danielle had just picked up her youngest son from a Cub Scout meeting in Lennox and then made the trip to Worthing to pick up her oldest son and his two teammates from baseball practice. She was traveling on Highway 44 going west to take the two teammates home when she noticed a car that was stopped at the stop sign on one of the gravel roads. The car was lurching forward and then stopped. Then, when Danielle was only a few feet in front of the car the driver pulled out in front of Danielle.

While your gut reaction would be to jerk the wheel to avoid hitting something, Danielle stayed as calm as she could and remembered the words her father had preached to her from a young age to “never jerk the wheel” said Danielle.

After turning the wheel of the vehicle that Danielle was driving, they were struck by the other driver and Danielle’s vehicle took out a sign and then collided with a pole head on.

The group was extremely lucky to be able to walk away from the crash that night. Danielle offered her appreciation to all of those who helped her that day and in the days following.

She said, ““From the moment of impact, we were showered with help, kindness and compassion. From the amazing neighbors by the accident scene who called 911, to the first responders who arrived in what felt like minutes. I will never be able to repay your efforts, but I will live each day in gratitude.”

All families involved would like to thank everyone who helped that evening. They also appreciate everyone’s support and love since the accident. They want everyone to remember that life is precious and to appreciate those close to you every day, for you never know what tomorrow will bring.


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