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City Council discusses marquee sign ideas for Boynton/HWY 17

All members were present at the Lennox City Council met Monday, January 9 in the board room to discuss agenda items that impact the city.

City Administrator, Nate Vander Plaats proposed the idea of a marquee sign at the corner of Boynton and Highway 17.

“This idea first came up as a way to make community announcements and share information with the community, whether that’s open houses or Q&A lives or in persons as well,” he said. Vander Plaats stated that the first real opportunity to make this happen is on the corner of Boynton Ave and Highway 17.

“As you recall, we pulled the sign and masonry items out of the project to remain within our budget, but there is still a lot of interest moving forward,” he said. Vander Plaats has acquired two quotes from what he feels are reputable sources.

“Decoy Signs of Rock Valley, Iowa quoted us a 4’ by 8’ double sided color monument sign, its not huge, but has a 27” riser that would be assembled by us to increase the height,” said Vander Plaats.

The sign will be delivered to Lennox, but the price does not include any concrete or electrical work in the quote.

“The quote on that on will be $24,650,” Vander Plaats said.

The second quote came from Pride Neon in Sioux Falls and included original artwork from the Boynton Project.

“These are much larger signs that are one sided, I would prefer two sided, but one of the signs will allow the City to sell advertising space on the sign if so desired,” Vander Plaats said.

Like the first quote, this does not include electrical or concrete work to place the marquee.

“The quote I have is not for the one that includes advertising space, it’s just for the Lennox L and the colored sign and that is $62,150,” Vander Plaats said.

With interest in finding a way to combine both ideas, learning more about DOT regulations on sign placement, and seeing if there is interest in potential sponsorship, Vander Plaats is going to move forward with further research into the projects.

Resolution 2023-01-09-01 is a resolution supporting regional economic development in the City of Lennox’s capacity as a participant in the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance and appointing a representative to its membership advisory board for the 2023 calendar year.

“Sharese Ihnen has served in this role for several years, and is prepared to serve again. Alderman Chad Reilly is currently the alternate on the Board. While Ihnen remains willing to serve, she has also indicated that she is willing to step aside should Council decide to appoint someone new,” Vander Plaats said.

Reilly discussed his role with the Council.

“It is good stuff, I get emails and invited to meetings when Sharese is gone, with that said, if anyone else wants to take over, I too am willing to step back,” Reilly said.

With conflicting schedules, other Council members would have a hard time making it to the meetings at their scheduled times. No Council members have heard of outside interest in the position. Motion to make Britney Mower the Representative and Reilly as the alternate passed.


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