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Lennox Council reduces water and sewer surcharges

February’s meeting for the Lennox City Council included approving a reduction in surcharges on water and sewer service.

Council approved Resolution 2020-2-10-01: Water and Sewer System Surcharges, which reduces the cost of current surcharges on water and sewer service by $1.76 per month. City Administrator Nathan Vander Plaats stated in a memo to council that a review of the current rates and current customer numbers revealed that the surcharges could be reduced and still allow the City to meets its obligations under the loan agreements signed with the State of South Dakota.

Also during Monday night’s meeting council heard a County update from Lincoln County Commissioner Michael Poppens. Commissioner Poppens addressed many areas of interest in the county.

He said, “The best way to explain how things are going in the county is there is nothing status quo; everything is changing, every department.”

Commissioner Poppens continued, “Some of the things that obviously you’re aware of is the changing of what was the Goeman Auction Pavilion to our current now and future site of 4-H and maybe other things. We’re very proud of that. When we finally did have an opportunity that came in front of us to purchase that site [the Goeman Auction site]. I think it has a huge potential. The commitment from the commissioners, all commissioners, is to try to enhance it to the best of our ability as quickly as possible.”

Commissioner Poppens spoke to the Council about the new public safety facility, i.e. jail, that the county will be bonding for in the future. He said that will be a big change for the County, which currently does not have a jail.

Poppens noted that Lincoln County is still the ninth fastest growing county in the nation, stating, “There’s no signs of it stopping.”

He spoke favorably of TIF districts.

He said, “TIF Districts if used properly are a great resource… sometimes you need that catalyst.”

In other business, Council approved the consent agenda which included the minutes of previous meeting, claims and reports.

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