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And the band plays on…

Thanks to the dedication of local and area musicians, the Lennox Municipal Band continues its tradition as the longest playing municipal band in the state of South Dakota.

These talented individuals volunteer their time week after week and season after season to entertain local residents with their summer concert series.

Directing the band for the past 20 years has been Byron Youngquist.

Byron, of Lennox, has been with the Lennox Municipal Band for 22 years.

He has a Bachelor of Music in Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Bryon taught music for 18 years. He plays saxophone, bass and guitar. He earned a certificate from Western Iowa Tech for instrument repair.

Byron is also Director of the Sioux Falls New Horizons Band.

“I love it when a concert comes together and the intragenerational aspect, kids working alongside adults,” Byron said when asked about the most rewarding aspect of directing the band.

Both of Byron’s sons, Elias and Tyler, have played in the band.

Another long-time band member, Jay Klusmann, also acts as emcee for the weekly concerts.

Jay, who lives in the country near Lennox, has been playing the tuba in the band since 1977, with a 10 year break.

He has been playing tuba since grade school. He was recruited in the Municipal Band by Ed Hofer when in was in the seventh grade. Jay also plays drums and guitar.

His most rewarding aspect of playing with the band is playing real live music with other people and “having people a hard time as emcee.”

It’s been a family affair for Jay. His mom, Delphi, still plays in the band and his two sons have played in the past.

Joan Renz of Lennox has strong family connections to the band too.

Joan’s grandfather-in-law, Ed Hofer, her husband Ryan, and her children Christina, Ellen and Nathan have all been part of the Lennox Municipal Band.

Joan has been playing clarinet with the band for over 29 years.

Music has always been part of her life. She has played piano, clarinet and tenor sax throughout her childhood — playing with her family band “Stastny Polka Band” at multiple events, parties, dance jobs. She’s played in several community bands — Tabor, Yankton and Lennox and has played in church.

The most rewarding aspect of playing in the band for Joan is, “the joy of making music with others that enjoy it... especially along with my husband and three children who have played throughout the Lennox Municipal Band’s history.”

Another longtime band member is Gary Seeba, of Sioux Falls. He has been playing with the Lennox Municipal Band for over 30 years.

He honed his skill as trombone player as a student in Lennox High School. He also plays guitar and bass.

When asked his most rewarding aspect of playing with the band, Gary said, “It keeps me out of trouble all summer!”

His two daughters used to play in the band also.

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