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Lennox hires new police officer

Lennox has a new police officer patrolling the streets at night.

Tyson Bullis started with the Lennox Police Department April 1 on the night shift. Originally from Nebraska, Bullis comes to Lennox from Britton, S.D. He and his wife, Cayla, and three children have been in Britton for a year and a half.

While he looks for housing in Lennox, Bullis is staying with his sister-in-law for the time being.

In Britton, he worked for the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for a year and half before coming to Lennox. Prior to Britton, he was a deputy in Nebraska for four years.

He said he applied in Lennox because it was a good fit for him and his family after meeting with the police chief and city administrator.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about the school system and I want my kids to grow up in a good school system. I decided to put an application in and I interviewed with Will and the city administrator,” Bullis said. “I really liked their ideas and where this department was headed.”

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