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Be aware of flooded roads

Several roads in Lincoln County will be affected by the snow melt and continued rain forecast for the area today (March 13) and tomorrow. DOT, County Highway, and Townships will try to mark closed roads. However, there may not be enough signs to mark every road that has water flowing over it. Highway Officials are asking everyone to avoid township roads whenever possible, and to be cautious driving on County and State roads during this “spring thaw/rain event.”

• The Canton Fire Department is in the process of putting a sandbag filling station at Tri-State Ready-Mix Plant in Canton. Canton residence are welcome to pick up sandbags as needed.

• Due to flooding on many of the township roads, Lennox School District buses will only travel on emergency routes today (March 13) after school.

• City of Lennox alert system stated: The sewer system is at capacity. Please conserve water until further notice.

• Lincoln County Highway Officials advise no travel in Lincoln County after dark. Many roads are under water, most have been marked or closed, however, barricades and cones will be difficult to see in the dark and foggy conditions.

• If you must travel, please use extreme caution and be aware of closed Roads.

Turn around, don’t drown.

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