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Developing Story: Instagram account deemed suspicious by School District

Lennox School District Superintendent Chad Conaway released an email to parents on Monday, Feb. 18 to provide general information in regard to an Instagram account titled, “lennoxlaments.”

Lennox administration became aware of the account and its suspicious content Friday evening. Conaway stated that they passed the information along to law enforcement authorities for investigation.

The content of the Instagram posts were vague, however, it appeared to make remarks geared toward the high school. The true concern from this came with a countdown clock to what was referred to as an end “reveal.”

No actual threats against students were made, but because of the remarks made, paired with the countdown, the administration inferred a possible threat may exist and took extra precautions to ensure ongoing student safety.

Beginning Tuesday and continuing through Friday, or until the creator of the account is identified, the high school and junior high will be staffed with police officers. Students will be subject to a bag search upon entering the building. The administration and law enforcement believe these precautionary measures will ensure the ongoing safety of the students.

Administration also said that they believe this is coming from someone within the high school and is isolated within the Lennox High School and Junior High building.

Lennox School District administration requests that if you have any information in regard to the author of this Instagram account, to please contact the Lennox Police Department.

Update from Chad Conaway, Superintendent on Feb. 21:

Parents: This message is to provide you with updated information in regard to the “lennoxlaments” Instagram account. As previously noted, the Instagram account never made any direct threat toward students. Our concern and suspicion with this account stems from the negativity of the remarks made, paired with a countdown clock to a “reveal.” From the information we have gathered from the account, we believe the reveal day is Friday, February 22. To the best of our knowledge, the last posted countdown day came on Sunday, February 17 which stated 5 days until the “reveal.” Shortly after I sent out my first statement regarding this issue on Monday, February 18, the account was taken down. We have worked with law enforcement to take every precautionary measure to ensure the continued safety of our students and staff this week and will continue to do so tomorrow. The owner of the account has not been identified and is still under investigation. If you have any information in regard to the owner of the account, please contact the Lennox Police Department.

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