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Women to have ‘larger voice’ in 2019 Legislature

(From South Dakota News Watch)

In South Dakota and across the country, women will play a larger role in lawmaking and policymaking at almost all levels of government in 2019.

The new U.S. Congress will feature a record number of women in both the House and Senate. South Dakota will have its first female governor when Kristi Noem takes office in January. The South Dakota Legislature will be home to a near-record number of women, several of whom were elected for the first time this fall. And Noem recently named Kim Vanneman as the state’s first female agriculture secretary.

Among the contingent of women entering lawmaking in South Dakota, there exists a growing esprit de corps and a feeling of excitement that new issues, new voices and a new sense of collaboration will arise in the 2019 session that starts in January.

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