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Fall play next week - Courtroom drama to be presented by LHS students

Murder. A court trial. An ambitious prosecuting attorney and a distraught defendant. These are the elements that make up the fall play, “Star Witness”, a courtroom drama that will be presented by the Lennox High School Drama Department on Monday and Tuesday, November 26 and 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the LHS Cafetorium.

“There are unique challenges in presenting a courtroom drama. These students have really had to push themselves vocally to create emotional excitement and interest due to the lack of physical movement in a courtroom. We are really excited for the community to see the results of all our hard work,” said Krista Bruggeman, director.

The trial focuses on the case of Julia Marshall (Anna Calhoon) who is accused of murdering her finance, a brilliant attorney, out of jealousy.

Her attorney, Sam Zangrillis (Austin Metivier) has only one defense witness, her roommate Karen Woods (Katie Brenholt), but is convinced he can prove his client innocent.

The fierce prosecuting attorney, Adrienne Bancroft (Portia Bird), however, is out for blood and has several witnesses including the coroner (Kaleb Johnson) and the irate sister of the deceased Diane Holgate (Kaylee Bosma). The solution to this mystery comes in an unexpected and twisted climax.

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