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Lennox and Tea Area School District teachers have special connection

The Binder twins found themselves teaching in neighboring school districts after completing their college educations at the University of South Dakota.

Katie and Kelly Binder grew up in Montrose and both decided teaching was the career path for them. However, Katie was undecided when she entered college.

“I didn’t actually pick a major until my sophomore year of college,” Katie said. “I really, really liked my freshman English class that I had and then also my fall sophomore English class.”

Katie eventually chose to major in English and secondary education. She spent her week internship at a middle school in Yankton and her student teaching time in a Centerville high school English class until her teacher moved to Lennox. At that time, she did the remainder of her student teaching in Lennox and then completed the PDC program in Lennox before starting in her first year as a junior high literature teacher.

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