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Lennox Area Ambulance’s Alan Perry given prestigious award

EMTs and Paramedics are critical to a healthy and safe community. The handwork of one local paramedic and leader was acknowledged recently with a special award. Lennox Area Ambulance Director Alan Perry was chosen as the SDEMSA (South Dakota EMS Association) District 2 EMT Provider of the Year.

Unbeknownst to Perry, he was nominated by one of his medics on staff for this award, commenting on Perry’s leadership and abilities, while also emphasizing the focus on ‘Family First’ in Perry’s crew. During the District 2 banquet, which was hosted at the Lennox Area Ambulance garage on Wednesday, September 26, Perry was unexpectedly presented with a plaque proclaiming his new distinguished award.

“They kept it a secret, I didn’t know anything until they handed it to me, basically,” explained Perry.

SDEMSA is broken into seven different districts and each district then selects their own Provider of the Year. At the SDEMSA state convention, which runs from October 26 - 28, one chosen provider will then be selected for the grand title of Provider of the Year at the state level. Thanks to his award and nomination as the SDEMSA District 2 Provider of the Year, Perry will have the chance to be selected for this award.

Originally from Bancroft, Perry has lived in Lennox for about five years along with his wife Jessica and his three kids. Perry has been on the Lennox squad for approximately three years; he has so far served as the Lennox Area Ambulance Director for about 2 1/2 years.

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