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Local resident expands trucking business in Chancellor

Ward Denning has lived in Lennox for nearly twenty years. He and his wife Tammie have four children — Hannah, Cole, Lexie and Olivia. Recently Denning made a move to expand his trucking business.

One of Denning’s mentors said something to him once that stuck with him. “Everybody’s replaceable, so go out an make your own life and build something for your family,” Denning attributed to Archie Van Dam.

Denning started Denning Transportation in August 2013, while he was also working as a branch manager at Land O Lakes. In August 2016 he focused soley on Denning Transportation and later bought the shop located at 500 Railway Ave., Chancellor. Then he and another Veteran Pat Dooley invest in Road Hunter Logistics, formerly of Sioux Falls. Denning moved the operation all to Chancellor.

Dooley and Denning served in Iraq together, Denning served in 2007 and 2008 as a convoy commander and staff sergeant. His military experience is just one of the things that sets him apart.

“Honesty, integrity and my military career set me apart, he said, “ We offer the highest level of service possible with competitive rates.”

Denning’s businesses work hand in hand — they broker general freight, and transport general freight, livestock, and grain. They also offer heavy repair for semi tractors and trailers.

“I needed a mechanic and hired Jeremy Hartman… then thought it would work well to do outside work. Jeremy and I have been working on the idea for a year —walk before you run, you know.” Denning said.

Denning has also added working partners with Denning Transportation that was effective July 1, those partners include Brandon Bostwick, Dan Letze, and Jason Dykstra.

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