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Lennox moves forward with design of $4.6 million Central Basin Project

Lennox City Council held the first meeting of April on Monday night. After approving the consent agenda (minutes, claims, revenue, expense and ambulance reports), the council opened the meeting to visitors.

Todd Anderson, administrator of the Good Samaritan Center in Lennox, spoke to the council regarding the increase in water rates. He explained that three or four years ago, the city put together a fee for water and sewer on multi-unit housing. The nursing home fell under that and they were charged per bathroom. Their water bill went from $1200 a month to $2500 a month. He asked for clarification on the new rates and how it would affect them.

City Administrator Amanda Anglin explained that it would go up $5.10 per unit.

With 33 units, the Good Samaritan water bill would go up approximately $165 per month. Anderson commented that the Good Samaritan Center in Tripp closed because of financial issues and several others have been sold for the same reason.

“Take into consideration how this will affect this business,” said Anderson. “It is a non-profit business.”

He asked that someone get back to him on this issue.

The council then heard reports from the City staff:

• Anglin said they would start meeting on the comprehensive plan in May so that the new mayor could be included in the meetings. She also said that she and Engineer Mitch Mergen were working on updating the sub-division regulations. Regarding the Boynton Ave. agreement, the county suggested the City send a letter to the county auditor requesting to be put on the agenda. The City could then give a presentation to the commission and then the commission would make a decision regarding the agreement. The Library will hold an open house from 2 to 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Anglin also stated that she is watching over-time activity among the staff and it is not really a concern at this point. Finally, she told the council that on May 14th, Lewis & Clark Water System will dedicate the meter building in Lennox to Dennis Weeldreyer in recognition of his 15 years of service on that board.

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