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Worthing City Commission talks water tower painting

The Worthing City Commission met March 19 with commissioners John Ganschow and Ryan Schlieman absent with notice.

Representatives from Banner & Associates talked to the commission about the water tower painting. They talked about their bidding process. City engineer Jon Fischer with Stockwell Engineers suggested the city not bid the water tower themselves and use Stockwell instead.

Fischer was concerned the city was unhappy with Stockwell since they were in contact with Banner. Commissioner Crystal Jacobson said Banner reached out to the city about the sewer system and the Civic Center so they had them also look at the water tower.

Fischer wanted a meeting with the commission to go over where they have been and where they are going. He would like his boss to come as well.

Banner also talked to the commission about the Civic Center. They were unsure how the city wanted to proceed on what they want to fix and get an estimate for.

Mayor Bradley Hazuka said the input they received from the community was to renovate the building. The roof is the No. 1 priority and anything structural.

The Banner representatives said you never know what is behind the walls until they get into a project. The roof needs to be replaced, but they don’t know what shape the trusses are in or how much mold is up there until they start taking the roof off.

Hazuka asked Banner to come back with a proposal to tear the roof off and rebuild it, and come back with estimates for mold removal. They will also come back with a structural assessment for the floor.

During the equalization hearing, the commission approved the adjustment asked for by Marie Heimdal. They also approved the assessment roll.

The commission approved the resignation of maintenance lead Chris Kullander.

The city started discharging the lagoons. They should be done this week. Finance officer Linda Hunnel found the quote for a scoreboard for $3,497.

Commissioner Sheri Lund wanted to talk about changing the time of the meeting but will wait until the next meeting for that discussion.

The commission adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

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