Worthing to hold election: Lennox School District and City of Lennox no election needed

March 1, 2018


The municipality of Worthing will hold an election April 10, 2018. Petitions were filed last week by the potential candidates for the open city terms. Running for City Commission Slot A will be Denise Moani Nelson and Ryan Schlieman (incumbent). Worthing’s City Commission Slot B will be filled by Sheri Lund who is running unopposed.

 The City of Lennox will not be having an election in April. One petition was received for each vacancy.  Those to take seats on the council include: Mayor – Tracy West, Alderman Ward I – Billy Welch (incumbent), Alderman Ward II – Greg Poppenga (incumbent), and Alderman Ward III – Chad Reilly.

 The Lennox School District will also not have an election in April, as there were three petitions turned in for three open seats on the Board of Education. Filling those seats will be Renae Buehner and Alan Rops for the 3-year term, and Scott Sandal for the 2-year term.

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