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Closed for business: Several Lennox business owners close-up shop at the start of 2018

The start of the new year has not been kind to the Lennox business scene. It was announced at the end of December that Cowbell’s Cafe closed for business.

The local cafe located at Hwy. 44 and South Main Street was under the ownership of Colleen Luna. Luna said that she’d been in business one year this time around, she had been at that same location previously. She said, “There was just not enough support. The road construction had a big part in it.”

One of Lennox’s more established businesses also announced last weekend that they were closing their doors — the Lennox Pizza Ranch’s last day of business was Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018. The Lennox Pizza Ranch opened in May of 1987. Business owner Michael Tolliver said the closing seemed to come about fast, but it was something that he knew was a possibility months ago.

“We were two days away from closing in September, but Karen’s family gave us a loan to get caught up,” he said.

His wife, Karen and their children have helped at the Pizza Ranch since they purchased it in January of 2016.

The family owned and operated business made changes in September in hopes to catch up, such as changing the buffet hours. Although it was helping, Tolliver said they just couldn’t get caught up fast enough.

With the Pizza Ranch closing, Tolliver also has to close the local coffee shop Philter 4:8 that he opened on March 20, 2017. They served their last cup of coffee on January 6th, 2018 and he said it was one of their busiest days as word spread on social media that they were closing.

Tolliver and his family are planning to stay in the community and he will return to work in Sioux Falls.

He added that people with Pizza Ranch gift cards and Ranch Rewards can use those at any other Pizza Ranch location. They will be offering refunds on the Philter 4:8 gift cards; requests can be made to: Philter 4:8 Refund, PO Box 156, Lennox, SD 57039.

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