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Council denies moving permits applied for after the fact

Monday night’s Lennox City Council faced a full agenda, however two of the big issues, the sale of the city water wells and the swimming pool survey results, were discussed briefly. For both of the issues it was determined that a special meeting would be scheduled.

Troy Larson, Executive Director of Lewis & Clark Regional Water System was present to answer questions regarding the agreement with Lewis & Clark. He confirmed the agreement Lennox has is for 440,000 gallons a day and that it could be expanded in the future to 243,000 additional gallons of water. He said that he anticipates there would be plenty of water for the next ten to fifteen years, he added there would come a time when you could only take your guaranteed water and at some point one of the cities would have to put forth a call to the Lewis and Clark board for an expansion.

City Administrator Amanda Anglin also presented the board with a letter from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and a letter from the City Attorney Brett Lovrien. She pointed out that all of the information needed to move forward with the purchase agreement between the City of Lennox and Lincoln Rural Water System has been brought forth. All of these documents are available on the city website, under the City Government menu, meeting agendas.

Anglin also explained to the council that she and water and sewer superintendent Jeremy Gulbranson put numbers together on keeping the wells. Figures ranged from $206,000 to repair the six wells and keep them all operational to $140,000 to cap four of them and keep two wells operational. The two wells recommended to keep operational were D and E, also known as Pederson and Fossum.

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