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The importance of training: Local Fire Department ready when needed

The Lennox Volunteer Fire Department spent some time last week at a structure fire, the difference was on this evening —it was planned.

A controlled burn was held at the Ken Shaffer residence located north of Lennox in an effort to remove an old barn from the property and to provide training for the firefighters. The Lennox volunteers were assisted by three members of the Chancellor Fire Department as well.

Fire Chief Wayne Fischer said one of the reasons this training was important was that it allowed the firefighters to try out a new adapter that the Department built because of the Main Street Construction in Lennox.

When construction projects affect the roads in Lennox, Fischer said the Fire Department tries to consider what changes are necessary to ensure fire protection for community members.

In the case of the South Main Street project, Fischer said fire trucks would not be able to get as close to homes because of the construction and wouldn’t be able to use their smaller diameter attack lines (hoses). Due to that concern, the firefighters created a special adapter (pictured at right). The large diameter hose typically used as a hydrant hose has been fitted with a surplus Y piece and about five other adapters to make up the new system.

Fischer said this adapter can attach the smaller attack lines and provide a good supply of water. The down side is that it is a bit labor intensive for the firefighters to get into place.

The system was tested at last week’s controlled burn and Fischer was satisfied with the results.

Training such as last week’s also allows those newer to the department to train as pump operators and gives others the chance to be around a really hot fire with fire attack training and mutual aid.

Fischer said, “We try to stay ahead of the curve.”

He added they continually monitor areas in town affected by construction and that they keep an eye to make sure hydrants are still active.

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