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City of Lennox bond election to be held August 22

During Monday night’s Lennox City Council meeting, City Administrator, Amanda Anglin reported on the recent public meetings held regarding the proposed pool plan and the August 22 Bond Election.

Anglin stated that the meetings were well-attended and that a page has been created on the city website ( with documents from the public meetings.

The Special City Election will be held on Tuesday, August 22, 2017. The election polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Citizens will cast their vote at Lennox City Hall, located at 107 S. Main St.

At the election, the following question will be voted upon: Shall the City issue its general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $2,800,000 for the purpose of paying all or a portion of the cost of designing, constructing, equipping, and installing a new outdoor public swimming pool and related facilities to be located at Westerman Park, and to pay legal, accounting, and other costs related to the issuance of such bonds.

A sample ballot can be found on page 10 of this week’s newspaper.

In other business during Monday night’s meeting the Council convened as the Board of Adjustment to vote on a variance request from Jeff Meints regarding his property at 305 N. Main Street. He was asking the council for a variance to demolish the existing garage on the property which is two feet off the lot line and build a new attached garage, also two feet off the lot line.

The council had reservations about approving the variance, because the set back required is seven feet.

Councilman William Welch said that the variance was discussed at length during a recent planing and zoning meeting.

Property owner Meints said he had signatures from neighbors in support of the improvement and reiterated it would go right where the old garage was, but he would be adding ten feet to the front of the garage.

After more discussion, the council moved to table the variance request and have Building Inspector Tim Odland meet at the property to measure and report back to the council.

The council adjourned as the Board of Adjustment.

Next up, they heard from several citizens.

Art Ringen was present to ask about the condition of South Main Street. Trucks hauling gravel have caused damage to the road. Mayor Orville Wiebers assured him that the property owners would not be responsible for repair costs.

Discussion on the change in design standards for truck routes was discussed. Street superintendent Dave Tipton said, “We found last year it was failing. We thought it was a good road when it was built but it’s not the standards that we are building today.”

Ringen also asked about the cost of repair to the front of City Hall.

Finance Officer Jerry Jones said it was about $15,000 to $20,000.

Wiebers said the repair was due to water damage that occurred in the front of the office. Ringen also expressed concern about getting information out to the public and the current financial strains that the City faces.

Rosie Doorn addressed the council and asked about the varying platting fees, saying that in city limits the fee was $200 and across the road the cost was $800.

Wiebers said that they would look into that.

Stacey DuChene next asked about the videos from the recent pool meetings that she was told would be available on Facebook. Anglin said there was some difficulty getting them posted but hoped to have at least one up soon.

The consent agenda was approved as presented.

Under reports Anglin, along with updating the council about the pool open house meetings, said that the sump pump inspections for the most part were completed.

She said they started with 966 accounts, and have completed 916 inspections, there have been 113 sump pumps removed. There are 152 properties with no pumps; six properties that need removals and Jeremy is working with the owners. Anglin said there are still 50 properties that did not respond. She suggested making a phone call to the property owners before assessing the $500 fine. Council was in agreement.

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