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New rig in service for Lennox Area Ambulance

The Lennox Area Ambulance recently put a new rig into service. The new 2016 Chevy 4500 chassis, picked up May 23rd, has the old box mounted on it and stripping has been added to the back of both ambulance vehicles for safety purposes. Lennox Area Ambulance Director of EMS Alan Perry said the old vehicle was no longer reliable, so the upgrade was necessary. The new chassis purchased from Arrow Manufacturing of Rock Rapids, IA in the amount of $104,194.00 was approved by City Council in December of 2016.

Perry said with both trucks they now have in service, the Ambulance is set for vehicles. One item that Perry hopes to secure in the future would be an autoloader. Perry explained that an autoloader would mount into the back of the ambulance and would lift the stretcher and patient into the back of the vehicle. Currently patients are manually lifted by ambulance personnel and volunteer firemen when assistance is needed.

Perry estimated the investment for both rigs would be about $55,000.

Lennox Area Ambulance currently has eight part-time and full-time medics and 16 on-call EMTs. For the year the ambulance service has answered 158 calls thus far.

He said they are always looking for team members and are currently finishing up an EMT class. Those interested in becoming Lennox Area Ambulance personnel are encouraged to check with City Hall for more information.

Perry hopes to have a class in Lennox every other year or every year, but he adds that there are other locations where people can get trained. He also said that people with certifications, who may be doctors, nurses or physician’s assistants, can often just join.

Perry thanked the City Council and the community for their ongoing support. After the spring fund-raiser held in February, the Ambulance was able to purchase 2017 monthly training, Lucas charger, batteries and maintenance for the stretchers, as well as pay for the striping of the second ambulance, get new suction equipment, new thermometers and several other supplies that were needed.

Perry said, “In total the crew has spent about $7,000 of the money raised this spring from our fund-raiser on equipment and training.”

Perry said that thanks to the efforts of Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Harold Timmerman, the Lennox Area Ambulance has also been able to secure grants for two bullet proof vests and helmets.

“Hopefully we will never have to use them, but we have them if we need it,” Perry said.

Also through a Homeland Security grant with Timmerman’s help, an emergency generator will be housed at the Lennox Area Ambulance garage.

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