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New mayor welcomed in Worthing

The Commissioners of the City of Worthing met in regular session on Monday, May 8, 2017 in the Worthing Civic Center.

SECOG Director Lynne Keller Forbes and Planner Melissa Gibson were present. Forbes went over the programs that SECOG offers to municipalities; namely aiding in applications for project financing through state and federal agencies, zoning regulations, municipal ordinances and city planning.

Brad Clay was present at the request of a resident who had received a tree removal letter and did not understand why the trees were an issue. Mayor Saugstad said the trees were rotting from the inside and therefore considered a hazard. Saugstad also asked that the resident communicate his concerns with the finance office; attempts to find a mutual solution would be made.

Ed Kaltenbach stated the road was too high at 3rd Street & Oak, causing standing water and drainage problems. He said some areas have sunk in since the sewer main was put in. Mayor Saugstad said while the long term plan was to pave all streets, the high cost of updating infrastructure and paving makes this very difficult. Kaltenbach asked why the pedestrian bridge could not be fixed and was concerned that trees had been removed when the recreational trail was installed. Saugstad said it was under the advisement of City Engineer Jon Fischer that the bridge could not be repaired in a cost effective manner. Debbie Halouska asked about the property south of her that was in need of mowing.

Finance Officer Hunnel will look into this.

Lynda Faber asked about the cost of the current pedestrian bridge that now had to be replaced. Mayor Saugstad said this bridge had been donated to the city a while back and that the city attempted to use it again but it did not pass structural inspection and was deemed unsafe.

It was noted that Citywide Cleanup Day will be held at 108 E 1st Street on May 20th from 8AM-3PM. Special thanks was given to CHS Eastern Farmers for allowing the use of their lot for the citywide cleanup.

Mayor Saugstad and the Worthing City Commission reviewed bids for seasonal mowing of city property. After some discussion, it was decided that it would be more cost effective to have city employees continue to mow all city property.

It was also at this meeting that the new Mayor and Commissioner were sworn in.

Commissioner Eric Bunkers thanked everyone for their support and said it had been an adventure serving as commissioner. Bunkers said it was great seeing so many people at a city meeting.

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