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Condition of Lennox pool cause for concern

The Lennox City Council held an emergency special meeting Thursday, May 4 in order to get a closer look at the condition of the Lennox swimming pool. As city staff readies the pool for the season, exposed cracks caused concern. The meeting was held at the swimming pool in order for council members to see for themselves the condition.

Jeremy Gulbranson, Lennox’s water and sewer superintendent directed attention to a deep hole that was in the five foot area of the pool. He said last year the pool was losing 8000 gallons a day.

Gulbranson stated he has contacted the city engineer and is looking to gather more information to bring to the city council on Monday night during the regular meeting.

Council members in attendance agreed more information from a professional source was necessary to determine the best course of action for the season.

In reference to a new pool, which is in the five year plans, Finance officer Jerry Jones said that likely the city will have to work with the public to see if citizens are willing to support a bond issue.

The pool will most likely be discussed at Monday’s, May 8 meeting. Watch next week’s Lennox Independent to follow this story.

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