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Out with the old, in with the new: Lennox Park and Rec seeks volunteers for building project

With ball season in full swing, the number of youth using the fields at the Lennox park is over 300. According to Jason Foss with the Lennox Park and Recreation Advisory Board, summer ball sign-ups average 335 to 360 students per year. With community help, Foss says the Park and Rec board hopes to make some visible improvements to the park this season.

Already a new batting cage has been installed at Westerman Park near the small baseball field. Foss says the next step is a new building for bathrooms and concessions. The building will replace the dilapidated white building south of the baseball and softball field now.

Lennox Park and Recreation has raised $20,000 for the project, and the City of Lennox is providing a matching $20,000. Now Foss hopes to appeal to the community for volunteers to help with contracting — whether they are available to provide services or advice.

“We want to thank the parents and coaches—the community has done a great job of raising money. And we want to thank the City for matching the funds,” said Foss.

Much of the money was raised through concession sales and tournaments. Volunteers that Foss hopes to find now would be local contractors, or people who will be able to help the Park and Rec board figure out the best way to get the building done within their $40,000 budget.

Foss added, “There will be advertising opportunities on the building as well.”

The improvement of a new bathroom and concession stand would not only provide a better experience for the youth of the community, but will enable Lennox to host more tournaments.

Foss said, “We had the opportunity to host a ten and under or a twelve and under; but we didn’t have the resources to do it.”

He is confident with the new bathrooms and concessions they could hold larger tournaments, and involve the neighboring communities of Worthing and Chancellor. Park & Rec | Page 7

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