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Young volunteer sewing dresses for Haiti

Ebenezer Presbyterian Church is also served by assistant pastor Phil Postma. His daughter, Sevriena Postma, age 7, was one of the volunteers for the Talent Project. She said she was the first one to go up to volunteer that Sunday, “I thought it would be fun.”

Sevriena, with the help of her mother, Rose came up with a great way to use her seed money. Sevriena is interested in learning to use the sewing machine, she already knows how to hand sew. She’s made a pillow, stuffed animal and a headband —and now, under the direction of her mother she’ll make dresses for girls in Haiti.

Lennox Ebenezer Church has a mission trip to Haiti planned for 2017 and Sevriena hopes to have 100 dresses to send along. She said she thought of the idea, “because other girls in other places don’t get treated as well.”

Rose added, “Well made clothes help with the way people view them and treat them, and can make a difference in their lives.”

Sevriena made an announcement at a recent church service asking volunteers to help her and her mother cut fabric and assemble the simple pattern. She had all of the different colored fabric laid out and ready for those who came on Thursday, Sept. 8. She said she used some of her seed money to purchase fabric, and they have some of their own fabric and supplies, as well as fabric donated from other church members. As for the colors she chose, she said with a smile, “I thought other girls might like it, because I liked it.”

Sevriena said her mom has made her several dresses like the ones they are making for the girls in Haiti. She plans to do a lot of the work.

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