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First look at Sunshine project

Lennox City Engineer Mitch Mergen, of Stockwell Engineers (pictured at right) spoke to the council about the Sunshine store project to be built on the corner of Hwy. 17 and Boynton Ave. in Lennox. Mergen went over comments for the plan review. Those involved in the project were also there to comment, Wendell Potratz of Pro Group Inc., Paul Korn of Sayre Engineers, Dan Roeman of Sunshine Foods and Gil Haugen.

Potratz said they began planning last fall, but because of economic concerns it was put on hold to establish a budget. He said it was a 4 million dollar project, which is to include the Sunshine Foods, Lewis Drug Pharmacy, Ace Hardware Store, and several other retail spaces. In the discussion it was stated it will be facing Hwy. 17 with a loading dock in the back.

Potratz said once all of the comments have been addressed, they will have documents ready to give to the City.

Councilmen Phillip Fett voiced concern about not having a plan for Boynton Ave.

Mergen said that issue has come up in the five year Capitol Plan. Discussion went on regarding setbacks, drainage issues, and future development on adjoining property.

Lorin Brass, who was in attendance and an adjoining land-owner, said they would be happy to work with the Engineers in developing a preliminary plan.

Potratz said they could be ready to start pouring concrete in thirty days for the Sunshine store project. Preliminary plans will still have to be approved by Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.

Councilman Chad Wulf brought up the issue of the new pool project and the process to go forward with a new pool. This was the same meeting at which the problems were brought up about the current pool, see story: “Lennox pool now open.”

The Council agreed to continue to proceed with obtaining a funding package and Stockwell Engineers will help in providing further information for the project. The consensus of the council was to bring the new pool project to a vote of the citizens. Discussion was in favor of looking at a new pool, as well as Phase 1 improvements set forth by the Park and Rec board, which included the relocation of the new pool and a new band shelter. Watch the newspaper for details about the plan, which was said to be about a 3 million dollar project. Mergen said plans could be ready in two weeks for the next City Council meeting.

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