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Park and Rec outline plans for $3 million park project

The Lennox City Council held their regular monthly meeting Monday, April 11, 2016.

After the approval of the agenda and the minutes from the previous three meetings, the Council approved the consent agenda, they approved the March 2016 payroll report and March 2016 claims as presented.

Under visitors to be heard, the council heard from Donnie Coffee, who had requested to be put on the agenda for the Beamer’s project. Finance officer Jerry Jones said that he was waiting on a response back from the engineer regarding the plans and said it could be added next Monday.

Chad Reilly voiced concerns to the council regarding the condition of the t-ball field.

Stockwell Engineer Ross Kuchta said that contractors would be working on the t-ball field this week. Reilly said that the field should be put back in pre-construction condition, citing the need for grass. Kuchta said the dirt crew would reseed but that sodding was not in the contract.

Jones gave the finance officer’s report. He reminded the council the Lennox rubble site is set to open Saturday.

He said that there was an anonymous complaint received about the condition of the old bowling alley and another four complaints on different avenues were received. He said, “These are recognized but nothing is done yet without personnel in place, but they will be addressed.”

Jones mentioned a notice received for a museum grant. He also said the planning and zoning is handling a conditional use permit for a daycare request.

Jones said he had two responses from the Lincoln County State’s Attorney, one about the Planning and Zoning issue of not having an issue on the agenda, which was found to have no merit.

The other complaint was to do with the appointment someone who lived outside of the city limits to the planning commission. Jones said the State’s Attorney response was, “You may have some concerns of the validity of the recent appointment to the Planning and Zoning and should check with your city attorney.”

Jones continued to say that Joe Kidd (who lives outside city limits) has been temporarily appointed and the City Council would have to change the ordinance before the appointment could be official.

Jones continued with the report saying two of the four mobile home park permit applications were in. He said the vacating of Wilson Trailer road will be handled next meeting.

Mitch Mergen of Stockwell Engineers presented the engineer’s report with updates on the Central Basin Project. First Rate resumed work on April 4. Sanitary construction on 4th Ave. is underway with main line already installed to Blaine Street. Storm sewer is also being installed on Garfield St. Liquidated damages will continue to accumulate until the contract deadlines are met.

Mergen said that the review for the Beamer’s site plan was done and comments were forwarded to city staff. Jones said he didn’t have them; Mergen said he would resend.

Stockwell staff are making revisions per the DOTs comments on the Highway 44 recreational trail. Final plans are expected in the next month.

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