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Lennox residents face another season of construction

The Central Basin Project is still only in Phase 2 of completion. This street and utility improvement project in Lennox affecting the residents on Garfield, Fourth Ave., and Fifth Ave. (see map) began in May 2015. Property owners affected by the construction were invited to a public meeting on Tuesday, March 1, 2016.

The frustration of residents was evident in comments from the public. Citizens in the construction area have been dealing with issues for a long time. In September 28, 2015 Lennox City Council minutes published in this paper stated at that time the project was approximately one and half months behind schedule related to weather issues and unforeseen problems in the project area.

Now work will begin again in April and updated phasing maps show the final phase of work will be completed in June of this year, a year later than anticipated.

The General Contractor for the project is First Rate Excavate from Sioux Falls. The City Engineer is Stockwell Engineers from Sioux Falls. Both had representatives at Tuesday’s Special City Council meeting to address questions from residents.

After a short presentation on the next steps of the project, Engineer Jon Brown, said, “We want to make sure you are aware we understand your issues. Bear with us so we can get in and finish up the project; as you say, this last week with snow melting, it’s pretty muddy and challenging at times.”

Engineers encouraged residents to try to stay off roads.

Residents expressed concerns about that. One person said, “My yard and my neighbor’s yard were used as access, and my driveway is in such bad shape, I parked on the street and I got a ticket last night.”

He continued, “We need gravel. You walked off and left Garfield St. I pulled the snow plow out when he got stuck while pushing the snow.”

Several other residents mentioned receiving tickets the previous night. At the end of the meeting the City Council agreed to speak with their lawyer about handling the tickets for those folks in the construction zone.

One resident asked, “how much cheaper is this project getting because of the delay?”

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