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CF Learning continues work to help children at risk

Even though they are no longer known as Circle of Courage, the office at First and Main continues similar work — supporting people who help children at risk.

Last January, Starr Commonwealth in Albion, MI took the reigns at Circle of Courage, and announced this summer that the Lennox office would be closed as of Sept. 30, 2015.

However, the passion to help children at risk was still with Susan Buus, Wendy Beukelman, and Charity Helleson and when the opportunity came to work with another organization—CF Learning, a program of Cal Farley’s based in Amarillo, TX—they jumped at the chance.

The women are very pleased to be working with Cal Farley’s, one of the nation’s largest privately-funded child and family service organizations. Under their auspices is a Boys Ranch, Genie Farley Harriman Center for Women and Children, and Community-Based Services. In the late 1930s Cal Farley, a baseball player and wrestler, realized that many of the kids that hung around the ballpark when they should have been in school, were from broken homes where guidance, supervision and love were often missing. He began to look for ways to help these kids. When some Texas land northwest of Amarillo land was donated to him, he established a Boys Ranch, a place where the boys could learn integrity and the value of an honest day’s work. The Ranch has continued to grow and now has cottages for the boys to stay in and its own impressive school district.

CF Learning will also be a part of Cal Farley’s and will serve as a gateway to an international network of professionals, leaders, and educators in the field of youth care.

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