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Lennox to begin micro sealing projects soon

The City of Lennox will begin their micro sealing projects sometime between July 13-20 said Public Works Director Greg Stack. Streets in the Meadows development, Main St. from Hwy 44 to Oriole Ave., Center St. from Cedar to Cherry and Cherry from Center to the railroad tracks are slated to be micro sealed.

Stack said that streets that are in good condition can be micro sealed, rather than chip sealed. He explained that this is a one step process that lays approximately 3/4 of an inch of sealing product over asphalt. It’s stronger than chip sealing. The rock is mixed in with the sealant so there are no rock chips to track loose.

“It’s as hard as concrete once it sets up,” said Stack.

It does, however, need time to set up. The City will ask all traffic to stay off of the streets for 24 hours. The City will try to make parking available in the Meadows area. Letters will be sent to affected property owners informing them of the process.

“Brandon, Hartford, Tea and Sioux Falls have all used micro sealing,” said Stack. They have all been pleased with the outcome. “Hartford says that all they will do now,” added Stack.

For more information, contact City Hall.

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