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School board approves list of new hires for the next school year

The Lennox School District 41-4 School Board of Education met Monday, April 13th. Superintendent Kirk Easton updated the board on the recent legislative session, noting that there were few bills of impact.

He said that the 2% increase in state funding brings the per-student amount to $4877 and it is the first time it has been above the 2010 cuts triggered by the recession.

Easton also reported to the board on the April 7th strategic planning meeting that was held. He said, “we met for three hours, and it went pretty quick, we have a lot of brain storming ideas.”

Easton said he will put something in writing to have a reference to look at for the next board meeting.

Easton presented a report from an Energy Services Group; he explained it was a division of Honeywell. The report outlined the ways in which the district could save money. His examples included things like roof repairs, equipment updates, etc. Easton said the group would be meeting with himself and Business Manager Angela Arlt later in the week. Once more information was learned it would be presented to the board.

Easton commended District nurse, Renee Johnson about the opportunities she has found for the district…

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