Seattle reminds us all—never give up


Well, I have to admit, I haven’t fully let go of the Dez Bryant “catch” and the fact that Dallas is out of the playoffs; but I’m still working on it and in the meantime, we were treated to some amazing football.

The Seattle-Green Bay game was one of the most exciting comebacks I can remember. The first half was crazy—turnover after turnover and despite being gifted the ball deep in Seattle territory, not once but numerous times, the Packers had to settle for three—that was going to hurt them, I thought.

No matter how bad your opponent is playing you have to take advantage—not being able to get into the redzone was Green Bay’s first mistake. The second came on the onside kick.

Okay, wait a minute, let’s back up. Green Bay was leading 16-0 at the half in a game that several people thought they had no right to be in. The loudest stadium in the world was quiet—a repeat trip to the Super Bowl was looking unlikely. Russell Wilson was struggling (and that might be an understatement).