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Jan. 31, 2019

Newspaper Day in Pierre

By the time you read this, temperatures (and wind-chills) will be at record lows. Remind me again why we live here? I blame (or thank on many occasions) my Grandpa and Grandma Schmidt.  

One perk for South Dakota though, is our accessible state government. In a small state, knowing your local legislators and being able to have conversations with them is a benefit. It allows citizens the opportunity to voice their opinions, and perhaps, once in awhile offer a new perspective. I was reminded of this as I traveled to Pierre last Thursday for the South Dakota Newspaper Association’s annual Newspaper Day. This event includes a press conference with the Republican and Democratic leaders, as well as the Governor. We also have lunch with the legislators. 

You can find some of the information covered during Newspaper Day on page 11 of this week’s paper. 

One bill I’m interested in is  SB47. I wonder why there’s a need for a bill to allow concealed weapons without a permit? The Department of Public Safety and the state’s sheriff’s association is not supporting the bill. So why  are we spending time on it? A permit for a concealed weapon is reasonable and responsible.

Enjoy this frigid week and as always, thanks for reading.

Jan. 3, 2019
Progress and history

Last Wednesday night as I was sitting at the Lennox City Council meeting, I was reminded about how much growth potential the City of Lennox is looking at.  It’s exciting to hear that a developer is looking at the north property, as well as seeing an offer come in on the Pathways property and vacant lots. 

It may feel to some that developments move slow, but as someone who has sat at meetings for the last several years — it is the pace of progress. There are a lot of things to do before rooftops go up. I’m excited to see how things develop, and as your local paper, you can be sure we’ll be reporting on it.

Also inside this issue you’ll read some more of the 2018 Year in Review. I enjoy this look back on all the stories we’ve covered. We thought this year that we should publish the Year in Review in book form. 

The book is in the design stages right now, but hopefully if all goes well, we can share it with you in a couple of weeks. 

As a newspaper editor, researching history is important to me. I’m so thankful for the papers and books that were previously published. And I’m also aware we have to provide that, too. 

I’m thinking of the Year in Review as a history book, even if it is only one year old right now, someone will thank us twenty years from now.  If we are not keeping record, who will?  

So with this in mind, what stories should we be covering in 2019? What city, school, community and human interest pieces would you like to see?  Send your ideas to

As always, thanks for reading!

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