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Letters to a WWII soldier

The Lennox Independent recently published excerpts of letters written to local WWII soldier Delmer Schriever from friends and family. 

People named in letters to Delmer Schriever 

Robert - son of Alice Brune; Robert was raised by Rena Heeren, sister of Dick Schriever and mother of Alice 

Lester & Earl — sons of Rena and Wm. Heeren II 

Joe & George - sons of Sena Rippentrop, sister of Dick Schriever 

Josie - wife of George Rippentrop 

Henry - Henry Hagemeyer 

Henry Schriever - son of Ed Schriever, brother of Dick Schriever 

Uncle Willie - Bill Heeren, brother of Idena Schriever 

Meinhard Heeren, Sr. - cousin of Wm. Heeren Sr.

Harm Heeren - son of Meinhard Heeren Sr.

Helen Peters, Idena Schriever and Willie Heeren - children of Harm Heeren 

Dick Schriever's sister, Reena married Wm. Heeren 

Earl, Alice, Inez, Lester all children of Wm. and Reena 

Dick Shriever married Idena Heeren 

Calvin and Delmar - children of Dick and Idena 



On Oct. 2, 1944, his mother Idena Heeren Schriever wrote: 

We received your card and letter. Neither Olson or Buus heard from the boys this morning. What did Orville Sherman git in? Dad and Henry intended to start work at Sam Tuender today but couldn't find a cement mixer. Dad went to Dr. Volkner in Chancellor and got some medicine. He is feeling better but doesn't eat much yet. Dug potatoes Fri and Sat. Got 5 bushels and took as long as if we got 25. Still have melons etc out in field. Henry was here Sun. He got his questionnaire. Henry helped fill silo over to Uncle Willie Sat. I went along with him. Took all day. Calvin said he was coming home tonight. He took some carpet rags along instead of his clothes last night. 

Oct. 3 his dad Dick Schriever wrote: 

Got a cement mixer today from Albert Plucker but if the weather doesn't get any better we won't be able to use it. 

Oct. 3 his mother wrote: 

Just talked to Dwight's mother and she said neither Dwight or Roland got in the navy. Mrs. Olson called and said Paul got in the navy. Did you git back to camp in time. Remember you are in the army now. Aunt Sena was here this pm. She said Joe was still in England and had been to London. Geo. is still in the same place but haven't heard from Lester. Hoffmans got a letter from Ernie and he wrote was on his way home for sure. 

Oct. 4 his brother Calvin wrote: 

We went to Aunt Rena Sunday. 

Robert was getting pretty lonesome being in Sioux Falls over the weekend. He said he was coming to Tea Fri. night. We got the silo filled Sat. but this week we couldn't do much because it was too wet. We got the pigs vacinated and some corn picked for them. I supposed you heard the World Series that the Browns won. 

Oct. 7 his dad wrote: 

Calvin and Robert went out hunting this afternoon. They got 3 ducks and one pheasant. I stayed in the ~ar and listened to the ball game. Tomorrow I and Henry are going out to Tunender again. Henry Andreesen is home on furlough. I think Lester will be home about Oct 27. 

Oct. 7 his mother wrote: 

We got your suitcase. I sent your suit and sweater to the cleaner. I was to Sioux Falls yesterday with your car. First time it was out of the garage since you left. Went as for as Aunt Rena. Uncle Hank went along too. Aunt Rena and Robert came home with us. Aunt Rena is out picking green beans. Olsen hadn't heard from Paul yet. Bummy was here and had a ball that belonged to you. 

Oct. 10 his mother wrote: 

Sophie and Frieda and Mrs Gimbel came over last night so I didn't get to write. Froze quite hard last night. We had strawberries from the garden for dinner last night. I heard Geo. Rippentrop was very sick and would need a operation. Mrs Andreesen fell last Sat. a week ago isn't very well. Talks out of her head all the time and doesn't know anyone. Alfred Buus is quite sick to again. 
Mrs Olson called Sat. and said they got a letter from Paul and he was in Minneapolis until Fri. We saw little Hank Schriever and he said he was in the army 4 mo. when he was discharged. Did you get to hear the ball game Sun. Cards won after all. 

His aunt Helen Heeren Peters wrote: 

I sent you some candy bars. We got some in yesterday. So write to your folks when you get them. If you need some cards or greenbacks to buy presents for your Mom & Dad & Cal answer this to Sophie Westerman. 

Oct. 15 Uncle Willie wrote: 

I want to send you Chester's address as he wrote and asked for yours.

Oct. 17 his mother wrote: 

Dwight's mother called and said they got a letter from Dwight and he would be in quarintine for 2 weeks and he didn't get in the same company with you. Mrs. Olson said Paul finally got in the navy but it is very strict, no telephone or coming home or see anybody except very nearest relative. I feel sorry for Henry. He seems so alone. 

Oct. 18 Calvin wrote: 

You said to send the box score of the last 2 world series. I can only find the last one so I'll send that. Went hunting Sun and got 1 duck and 1 pheasant. There are about one thousand ducks by Ted Jongeling but pond is to big to hunt. Robert came out again this weekend. Went to Sioux Falls and Uncle Willie had the rest of his teeth pulled and new ones put in. We got our hay in and picked a little corn. 

Oct 18 mother wrote: 

Mrs. Hagemeyer was here this morning and I gave her your address. She said Henry wrote to you but would write again. I guess Smoky isn't very well. Will get Paul's address tomorrow and send it. 

Oct. 20 Helen wrote: 

Well Kayo skipped school yesterday and had bad luck. He took Mary Weis and Margaret Hagemeyer to school then went to Sioux Falls and coming back the car broke down Margaret said he had to be pulled in about 10 miles. He didn't want his folks to know. Kayo and young Hansen came home on the train and Esther Schoffelman brought the girls home. I see Johnnie pulled the car in here today. 

Henry Hagemeyer wrote: 

I'll tell you whats happening in Tea NOTHING. If we want entertainment we simply go out and make it ourselves. I talked to Brune about hitch hiking down on Christmas vacation. Maybe Kayo would go too. Tony Geiken and John Loats leave for the army. Johnnie Fischer, Happy Williams, Rule Book Jacobs, Wesley Hill go take their exams. I suppose I'll go next month for my exam. I guess Hoffmans haven't heard from Benard or Ernie for some time. 

Oct. 20 mother wrote: 

Etta called a little while ago and asked me to come over a few minutes as Mrs Andreessen asked for me. She is quite weak. I ordered the Argus Leader for you for three months for three dollars. 

Oct. 21 Dad wrote: 

Henry was here and said he goes for his examination next Fri Oct 27. We got a letter from Geo. He said he got your card and was going to send you a letter. He was getting along fine. He was up and around most of the time. 

Oct. 22 Dad wrote: 

Saw Harold Klock in church this morning. Henry goes to Fort Snelling for his exam Friday I am going to take him to Canton. The only one that he knows going with him is John Fischer. 

Oct. 22 Calvin wrote: 

Fetts got a telegram that Dale was wounded in action and a letter from Dale. He wrote that a piece of shaprel hit him in the side and arm. Chester wrote he had a accident. He was driving in a blackout when he lost track of the truck ahead of him and missed a curve. I guess he wasn't hurt much. 

Oct. 24 Mother wrote: 

I have been pulling old paper off in downstairs bedroom as Aunt Rena said she would come and help me paper Sat. Helen said if she sent you something not to write to her but tell us. You know why. Dick Wallinstein came home from Sanator S.D. Thur. evening. Dindot got him Guess he is in pretty bad shape. Mrs. Henry Andreessen is in bed. Alfred Buus is a little better. I saw Jerome yesterday. He sure looks good. Aunt Katie was here yesterday afternoon. Rev. Bahoth got your address yesterday. He asked if you hunted and if you had a gun. Helen and Alfred and Rev and Mrs. Bahoth went hunting Sun evening but got only 1 tiny one. Just heard Ellsworth came home this morning. 

Oct. 25 Dad wrote: 

Lester got here Tue night. He sure is happy to be back so I am going out hunting with him one whole day. Tomorrow I am going to Jack Reichelt and start that porch. 

Oct. 26 Mother wrote: 

I had some more pictures made and will send some to you and Dwight and Paul. I hope I can buy some more films: Mrs. Hagemeyer got 2 letters from Albert yesterday. They hadn't heard from him for 4 weeks. We still eat strawberries from the garden. The sewer clogged in the basement and Uncle Henry is going to help me get it open otherwise I have to carry all the wash water out. So I have to make him some tea. May get some pheasant Sunday and will send you a piece. 

Oct. 27 Mother wrote: 

I am out to Grandma'S and helping her with the meals as they are picking corn with the picker. I suppose Henry is in Ft. Snelling by now. Johnnie Fischer took his car along to Canton and was going to leave it there until they came back so Dad didn't go along. I don't suppose Robert will come tonite now that Lester is home. 

Oct. 28 mother wrote: 

Calvin got a card from the selective Service Board this morning. He is still in 2C until April 27. Uncle Willie also got a letter from the Board. I have to go and help Grandma again today. She doesn't feel so hot. 

Oct. 29 Calvin wrote: 

Lester, Hermina, Robert and Aunt Rena were here today and we went hunting and we got 6 pheasants. Fri and Sat we picked corn with the machine but only got about 15A picked. The machine wasn't working properly. We got a little dog again from Fetts. It looks like Snooks except it has no tail and one black eye. LeRoy said it didn't have a tail on account of the war shortage. 

Oct. 31 Dad wrote: 

Henry passed his exam. all right. He said Happy Williams didn't pass. Williams got a haircut and shave in Minneapolis and it cost him $2.50. Lester goes back to camp Sun night. 

Oct. 31 mother wrote: 

I saw Ellsworth at the house and he asked me to snap a few pictures of him with some pheasant. He said he got a telegram that he has to leave 2 days sooner than he thought. I sent you some pheasant yesterday. I hope it is OK when you git it. Martin Pluckers were here but they didn't git to see Lester. 

Nov. 2 Dad wrote: 

I went to Jack Reichelt today. Henry didn't go along. He got his papers Tuesday that he passed. We were over to Aunt Rena last night. Lester was there and said he was going to see you if he could get a pass. Ben Gerken got a Ford VS last week. Geo. Buskohl also got a Ford V8 and Donald Jongeling got a 1937 Ford VS. It seems they all like the Ford VB. 

Nov. 3 Calvin wrote: 

I drained my radiator tonight so it wouldn't freeze. We put antifreeze in the tractors and truck this afternoon. 

Nov. 4 Dad wrote: 

I ran a sliver about 1/2" in my finger yesterday. I didn't get it out yet. Robert is here helping Uncle Hank pick corn. He thinks it is a lot of fun. Mother went to Sioux Falls with Mrs. Buskohl. She broke her glasses so she had them fixed. 

Nov. 5 mother wrote: 

We got your letter stamped Nov. 2 this morning and see you got the pheasant alright. I was afraid it wasn't any good because it takes so long. Calvin was here today and he was going to send you the Lennox paper by mail. I saw Ernst Hoffman in church this A.M. but didn't talk to him. I saw Ole Stratmeyer in Sioux Falls yesterday. He said Earl was rather home sick in Minneapolis so Johnnie spent a week with him. Robert helped Albert Bakker bale hay today. He had blisters on his hands. He sure is tough. He wore rubber boots all Sat and today. Lester leaves tonight for camp. Lester's little girl is sure getting big already. You asked about the gas from Geo. Buus. We got 10 gal. from him. I don't know about the stamps but Mr. Weis said we didn't have to send them in. Jerome left Thursday morning for camp. Have you heard from Harvy Fritz. Ida said something about a check from Danekas. I made some candy without sugar today and will send some tomorrow and see if you like it. Will try to bake some cookies to send also. I am sending some pictures we took before you left to Dwight and Paul. The weather is rather blustery out tonight. I don't like to think of winter coming. Guess will come to Texas too. We carried the pullets in last night. Glad we did. 

Nov. 6 Dad wrote: 

I suppose you get a lot of boxes lately. One from P.T.A. One from Ladies Aid and we sent you that pheasant meat and some candy bars. We have a box from Grandma but will hold that for a few days. 

Nov. 6 Calvin wrote: 

Klinghagen was here again today to pick corn but he had a lot of trouble so we didn't get much done. It was kind of misty today. I guess it was to wet to pick good. I think we have 15A left to pick. Maybe will finish picking by hand. Robert was here yesterday morning. We got 1 duck in Bultena sandpit and 1 duck by Ted Jongeling. They are getting pretty wiId and smart. 

Nov. 6 Dad wrote: 

I went to help Calvin pick corn today. They were picking with machine but didn't get done yet. Reichelt want me to paint the new kitchen but was cold and wet today. Henry was here this afternoon and said Delmer Buskohl was coming home. He hasn't heard from the draft Board yet. I wi II vote tomorrow before I go to work. 

Nov. 7 Mother wrote: 

Started to rain about 11AM. today. Will probly turn to snow. We have only about half of the storm windows on yet. I was out to Grandma all day yesterday so didn't get much done here. Mrs. Hagemeyer was just here and got some pictures that we took before you left to send to Albert. Dr. Valkenar and his wife were here and she wanted some rugs made fbr aid in Chancellor by Nov 28th. Sure have got work to do making rugs. Sure is nice to have something to do in the winter. Will close and go and vote before the poles close. 

Nov. 7 Dad wrote: 

I talked to Ernst Hoffman today. He realy looks like a man. I think he could handle Carl Musch. By the time you git this we will know who our President will be for the next 4 years. Maybe it won't make much differents. I hope he will do his best. 

Nov. 9 dad wrote: 

Calvin & Uncle Willie were here this morning and brought some lumber to make a feed bunk. I made that today. I wrote to Lester today. Will write to Joe tomorrow. Aunt Sena and Josie were here today. She had a letter from Joe saying he was in France. 

Nov. 10 Calvin wrote: 

Uncle Willie bought some hay from Enno Stratmeyer. Dad will get some of it. We looked at it today. Picked up feed bunk he made for us. Harry Buskohl was wounded in the foot somewhere in France. 

Nov. 11 Dad wrote: 

Went to Reichelt to paint the new kitchen. Took 4 hours. Will have to paint one more time. Robert came Friday night. He helped mother put on storm windows this morning. This afternoon he picked corn till 4 o'clock. Then he and Henry went hunting. He got 1 pheasant and great big owl. One more week the season closes here but will be open till Jan 17 in Turner County. Henry sold 2 skunks for two dollars each. Price not as good as last year. 

Nov. 11 Mother wrote: 

Robert tried to shoot one of the white chickens with the rifle and after two hours he finally got one. I suppose we will have chicken tomorrow. Don Jonglings were here last night. Ernie Hoffman wedding is tonight. They are having a dance. Aunt Rena got a letter from Lester. He made it back to camp on time. Baked some cookies and sent them today. 

Nov. 12 Mother wrote: 

How was the candy made without sugar. Not so good. Calvin, Dad, and Robert all went hunting this afternoon. They got 5 pheasants. I don't care too much for pheasants anymore, too many to clean every Sunday. Henry was here and got some paint brushes. He said he was going to paint some signs so people could see where Tea was. Canned the last beets out of the garden today. Here come the hay haulers. I must get them some lunch. They took their dinner along. 3 o'clock p.m. now 

Nov. 12 Dad wrote: 

Hauled hay today. 3 loads behind the tractor and 1 ton on the truck. I got 1 ton that should go a long way. I helped Calvin and he helped me. I have a sliver in my finger. Putting Denver Mud on it. Drove your car just enough to keep it in shape. We still have your gas stamps. Mr. Weis said we should keep them so you will have gas when you come home on furlough. I will finish at Jack Reichelt tomorrow if its not too cold. Will help mother make rugs when other work is done 

Nov. 15 Calvin wrote: 

I went to Lennox and had my car radiator boiled out. I saw John Ludens. He didn't know where he would go when got back to camp. Last night I went to Tea and put alcohol from last year in my radiator. Should be alright till it gits colder. 

Nov. 15 Mother wrote: 

Jerry Dirksen was here and said son Henry had a card from you and would write to you. Their son Jerry was discharged on account of poor health. Was glad to see you went to church with Dwight. Always remember we must fear and love God above all things. I pulled the sliver out of your Dad's finger this morning. Have been putting Denver Mud on it for sometime to make it come to a head. It was 1 1/4 inch long. 

Nov. 17 Dad wrote: 

Robert came with Craig's tonight. He said that Lester got a nice room close to camp and Hermine went to be with him. I got 2 candy bars from Chancellor and three from Margaret Buskohl to send to you. They are hard to find. Henry was here. He got one duck 

Nov. 17 mother wrote: 

Aunt Rena said she would come and help me paper next week because Robert would have a week vacation for Thanksgiving. Its P.T.A. tonight and they are having a play. I guess I will go. Don Jongeling, Henry, and Milo Hoffman are in it. I may go to Aunt Sena on the train, stay all day, and come home on the train. Mrs. Buskohl was here and said she was going to the Red Cross and inquire about Delmer. They sent him $25 to come home almost 2 wk. ago and have not heard from him since. Martha called and said Elsworth is on his way across as they haven't heard from him for some time. 

Nov. 17 Mother wrote: 

We tried to get you a good wrist watch for Christmas but it seems impossible. The last place we tried refunded the money. I made some candy today and will send some. Henry and Paul were here this P.M. I took some pictures and will send them when we get them finished. Calvin has to go to Canton tomorrow to the War Board. Maybe he will have to go to the army. Henry is going to ride with him. 

Nov. 19 Dad wrote: 

Robert, Calvin, and I went hunting today in Turner County. We got 5 pheasants and saw about fifty but they are wild. I still have some shells but they are hard to find. I got 1 box from Weis and 1 box from Speed. Finished picking our corn. Got about 200 bu. that is sure good. 

Nov. 21 Mother wrote: 

Aunt Rena came from Aunt Sena in Lennox with Uncle Ben last night Robert has been here since Fri. night 

Nov. 21 Helen wrote: 

Alfred & Uncle Dec have gone hunting with the Minister. He hunts on Sundays because he asked us and Perrys to go on Sunday. Jerome is here and looks good. Your mother had a busy day the minister asked for your address so she took that over and then painted their porch. Then took Aunt Katie over too Andreesen then to your house for tea. Jerome said Tea is sure dead. Everyone is gone except Henry. 

Nov. 22 Dad wrote: 

Olie Aschoff said he had some candy bars for you. Helen was here and brought some candy bars. Got a letter from Lester. He said Hermine got there but he can't see her everyday. Just on Sun. 

Nov. 23 Dad wrote: 

Had your car greased and oil changed. I will put the heater in when I have plenty of time. We drive it just enough to keep it in shape. 

Nov 23 Mother wrote: 

Went to church this morning. Had a Rev. Wolfe from Nebraska speak. He sure could talk. We went to Helen for Thanksgiving dinner. Grandma & Willie and Milo Hoffmans were there. They had 2 letters from Henry. He is in India. Marlene Buus was here and said Paul Drake was in Texas but didn't know what part. Calvin was here and said they were going to pick with the picker so will go to help with the meals. 

Nov. 24 Calvin wrote: 

Klinghagen came with the picker and finished the corn. Dad came and helped. We sure filled the crib. 18 loads I think averaged over 70 bu per acre. 

Nov. 25 Mother wrote: 

It is snowing to beat the band this morning. I suppose Calvin is glad the corn is out. He comes home every once in a while now. First thing he does is read your letters. Harold Poppens passed O.K. He still has 140A of corn to pick. We are going to fix boxes to send far PTA Tue. and Ladies Aid Wed. 

Nov. 27 Dad wrote: 

Helen brought some more candy bars. She is like a mother to you. Will send some tomorrow. The minister gave us a little tag to send to you. A II the boys from church got one. Talked to Mr. Olson. He said Paul has to work kind of hard. I am going to work in the church basement today. I didn't put Prestone in your car yet but I drained the radiator before it got cold. 

Nov. 27 Mother wrote: 

Went to Lennox and had a tooth pulled and Dad had his eyes tested. I ordered the Lennox paper for you so now it will come in the mail. Calvin paid for it. Did you git the fruit cake he sent you. Mrs. Weis called and said Jerome moved but was about the same distance from you. So maybe you can git together sometime. You asked about the turkey shoot. Robert went about 9:30 and he said Henry got a turkey and duck Hi Ida got a duck. Someone said Rev Bahuth went and he thought it was some kind of a shooting but he said it was nothing but gambling what they were doing so he went home. 

Nov. 29 Mother wrote: 

We all went to church yesterday morning and Uncle Willie, Calvin, and I went to read the new constitution. It was 5:15 when we got home. Grandma went to Aunt Flora and Dad stayed home to write letters. Grandma called and said Chester wrote he had written to you to try to git a pass to meet him in Dallas Tex 

Nov. 29 mother wrote: 

I got a card from Mrs Henry Steever and she wrote that Don heard quite often from you and that Don was improving slowly. I am supposed to go to Mrs. Olson to help make candy for the Christmas boxes the Aid will send. P.T.A are also sending boxes. I suppose you can treat Dwight or some of the other boys to some of it. Calvin was here last night. He had his boots fixed at Bill Hoffman and sent for some more clothes. 

Nov. 30 Dad wrote: 

I worked in the church basement today. It was nice in there but cold outside. Yesterday I fixed a door on the south side of house for Johnnie Buus, a little for Dan Weis, and a little for Fred Jacobs. Can you buy cigarettes there are hardly any here. I still smoke myoid pipe. Delmer Buskohl is back home 

Dec. 1, Mother wrote: 

Calvin and your Dad went to Chancellor this afternoon to get some more cough medicine. I was glad you liked the fruit cake and you can keep it a long time as it was in a tin container. I don't think I will send a box right away as I suppose you got yours from the P.T.A. and Aid. I will send some next week. Uncle Willie and Helen were both here this morning. Uncle Willie said that Henry Klinghagen picked up Don Jongeling son Roger by AI Messner this morning. He started to Tea a foot to go and help his Daddy. Poor kid could of frozen to death. Don was getting his car fixed so Uncle Willie took him home. 

Dec. 2 Margaret Buskohl wrote: 

Delmar Buskohl is home on furlough. He says he had to go over seas after he gets back. Mable is staying over to Buskohl. They sure have a nice baby. Harry is in a hospital in Italy now. His foot and leg was what was hurt. 

Dec. 2 Dad wrote: 

I will finish in the church basement this afternoon if it warms up a little bit. Robert came on the train this morning. He gits lonesome in Sioux Falls. It is nice for us that he comes out here. Henry is working in the elevator with Olson. I guess he didn't hear from the draft board yet. 

Dec 3 Mother wrote: 

I wi II send you a piece of pheasant. Just a small piece as I don't think it will keep very well. Robert went home on the train and took some pheasant with him for Aunt Rena to send to Lester. Mrs Olson called and said Paul would be back by the 13th Dec. and leave the 21st. I think Ernie Hoffman went to Hot Springs, Ark. Aunt Sena said Joe liked it quite well in France. They git plenty to eat and sleep in houses. I wish I was there with the Bond drive as I have so many rugs to make before Christmas and next week is Aid and Bazaar Dec 8th. 

Dec. 5 Dad wrote: 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Steever were here and wanted some rugs made and to visit. They took Smokey to the hospital again so they could drain his lungs again. He has to stay there about a week or so and stay in bed all the time. They took Dick Wallenstein to the hospital today. He has T.B. 

Dec. 6 Calvin wrote: 

Monday we hauled manure and yesterday we ground feed. Tomorrow we are supposed to help Geo. Dickens pick corn Walter Messner is going to pick for him. Sun went hunting with Robert and had pretty good luck We went to Turner Co. and got 5 hens and 3 roosters. Uncle Willie rupture has broken open again and it bothers him quite a bit. 

Dec. 9 Mother wrote: 

I talked to Grandma this morning and she said Calvin went to Geo Dickens to help pick corn. They broke down yesterday with the machine and didn't finish. I got a letter from Dwight and will write to him. I have been busy making rugs. Everybody wants them done by Christmas. 

Lillie Heeren called and gave me Cole's address. She thought he wasn't far from you. Mrs. Olson called and wanted to know how to make that candy without sugar. She was going to send some to Paul. Mrs. Harm J. Stratmeyer was here and brought a big sack of rags and wanted to buy a clock from Uncle Henry. Then Lily Fritz came. Robert came again and went to the bazaar and said it was fun to hear Harvey Fritz auction. Mrs. Andreessen said they thought Henry would be sent across as he had been transferred to San F. Calif and Mrs. Schmidt said Albert was in that Leyte battle. Delmer Buskohl got a 3 day extension to his furlough. 

Dec. 10 Dad wrote: 

Robert went home on the train tonite. They are having a party for Henry at the church sometime this week. He wants to come back for that so maybe I will git him that afternoon. Henry quit his job at the elevator so I am going to work for Olson starting tomorrow. He can't git anybody and it should be a good job in the winter time. 

Dec. 12 Mother wrote: 

Mrs. Hagemeyer and Henry were here last night. He doesn't seem to mind leaving as much now as before. Too bad he didn't go when you boys did. Elsie Schoen was here and said Cole thinks its awful where he is. They didn't hear from Harold Buus for 6 weeks. Ellsworth Wilkinson is still in the States. Mrs Sutton received a letter from Quinten. His address was New York. I guess he went by way of Panama Canal and is in San Francisco now. Uncle Willie got a nice letter from Dale Fett. Guess he was hurt quite bad but seems to take it like a good scout. I see Johnnie Buus was pulling in Darrels car again. He sure is having his trouble with the school cars. 

Dec. 12 Dad wrote: 

I started to work for Olson yesterday. I git $25 a week. That is good money in the winter time. Henry sold his turning lathe. He got $50 for it. I will have to go out with war Bonds again this afternoon and hope to finish by tonight. 

Dec. 14 Dad wrote: 

Paul Olson came home last night but has to be back in Chicago Dec 21st. Calvin got a load of cobs from E J Stratmeyer for $1.50. That is cheap but they are wet and don't burn very well. 

Dec. 14 Calvin wrote: 

Dad is quite busy in the elevator as Olson can't handle it alone. Tomorrow night their having a party for Henry in the church basement. Rev Bahoth has gone to III. because his fatherin!aw is sick. Corn picking is pretty well done now but it seems there is still plenty of work. We have to haul in some straw yet and saw some wood and then always some manure to haul. 

Dec. 16 Mother wrote: 

Harold Poppens was deferred for a month so he could have sale first. We will miss Henry as he seems almost like one of the family being here so much since you are gone. We will miss him just as much as if Calvin would leave as he has been away from home so much. Calvin hauled one load of cobs for us and one load for Uncle Henry with Uncle Willies truck. It got to late to unload the one load so Robert came last night and helped him unload it this morning. He also got some coal so at least will have some fuel when winter sets in. Sophia and Rudy were here a while. Robert went along with Calvin this noon so will have to mail this myself. 

Dec. 17 Dad wrote: 

We are busy at the elevator. We shipped 8 carload of corn out this week. Robert said goodby to Henry before he went to the train. 

Dec. 19 Mother wrote: 

I took Henry to Uncle Willie this morning. I used your car and then Calvin used Uncle Willies car to take him to Canton. Henry said he only knew Wesley Hill and the Jacobs that played ball with Lennox last year. Calvin had to go to the War Board for a check up. Alrich Andresseen and the Hyronimus boys were there too. Uncle Willie isn't feeling a bit good. Again lately He is supposed to have another operation but said he would like to be home over the Holidays 

Dec. 19 Dad wrote: 

I was going to give Henry a little knife for Christmas and we tried to get you a wrist watch but it is hard to git anything. They returned our money. Maybe we can find one in a pawnshop. I hope you wi II have your teeth fixed by New Years because we are sending you and Lester some speken dicken. Paul leaves tomorrow. 

Dec. 19 Calvin wrote: 

I was supposed to go to Canton today to report to the War Board so Henry rode along to take the train to report to the army. They asked the same questions as a month ago. How many acres of everything and how many hogs and cattle. Henry took my suitcase that you used so it should be able to find back by itself. 

Dec. 21 Mother wrote: 

It sure doesn't seem like Christmas I asked Robert and Aunt Rena to come for dinner but don't know if they will. Carol Barnes was here last night and wanted to know if you wanted to sell your byci Ie but I said I would have to write to you first and Bummy had asked first. He wanted to know if he had the money first if he could have it. Ben is working in the Packing House now and Carol has to do the chores. Eldon Robinson, Henry & John Buus, Alrich Andreessen, Hyronimus boys, and Herman Otten are also working there. I was over to Mrs Hagemeyer yesterday. She feels pretty bad that Henry had to go. We must keep our faith in God and we know he is everywhere. There are 15 boys in service right now out of Tea. 

Dec. 21 Dad wrote: 

We had the elevator about filled this morning but then we got a boxcar and filled that up but by tonight it was full again. It is hard to get box cars. I talked to Irvin Fritz today. He said he caught 2 mink and 5 muskrat. Muskrats are worth about $1.50 Mink $10 to $20. 

Dec. 22 Mother wrote: 

Mrs. Hagemeyer got a letter from Henry. He didn't git in the navy but Hill did. That make it bad for Henry because he said he didn't mind it so much if he could stay with Hill. Dad said Elmer Klock was in the elevator and asked about you. 

Dec. 22 Dad wrote: 

I put some antifreeze in the old modle A so mother can drive that to town. I take the old Chrysler along to the elevator. Donald Courey asked for your address about two weeks ago. 

Dec. 23 Mother wrote: 

Dwights mother called and said Darrll got a job at the Army Air Base. He was supposed to be at work at 8 o'clock but the car broke down and he had to come home. Grandma called and said Chester Fett came home yesterday and was over there for dinner. He wanted to know how you were doing. He had to be back in camp by Jan 5th so maybe willgit to see him sometime. Dad had to load 2 cars of corn today so I suppose it will be late when he gits home. 

Dec. 25 Dad wrote: 

I sure got a suprise yesterday aftenoon sitting in the Kitchen talking to Chester Fett and Henry Hagemeyer walked in. He said they told them not to go home but they had plenty of time. He and Jacobs came on the train Sun. morning at 11 oclock and left again at 10:45 Sun evening. He took in the program at the church Sun. night and then Calvin took him to Sioux Falls. He just about missed the train. Lester moved to New York and Hermyand the baby are back in Sioux Falls. Calvin, Robert and Chester went hunting yesterday and they got 10 pheasants and one duck. 

Dec. 26 Calvin wrote: 

Yesterday was Christmas again. time sure goes fast when you keep busy. Last year Uncle Willie was in the hospital on Christmas and it seems like just a short time ago. Darrel Buus is going to stay in Sioux Falls with Aunt Rena so I suppose they will be in Tea half the time. 

Dec. 26 Helen wrote: 

Luverne went to Sioux Falls with eggs and got stalled with the -8- 

truck so Alfred came home to get our car and it wouldn't start. So I had to come to the store in zero weather. So Orville Reichelt came along and took Alfred to the truck somewhere near Geo. Albers. 

Dec. 28 Mother wrote: 

Aunt Rena got a card from Lester that he was shipped to New York and she was rather upset about it. Thats something unusual for her. It would be nice if one of the children was here. Harmina is very good to her and she is back in Sioux Falls now. Calvin got a letter from Henry and he was still in F. Snelling Minn. 

Dec. 29 Dad wrote: 

Mother is going to make some Speken Dikens tomorrow and will send you some. I will try to get some candy bars to send. This is my last week by Olson. It is to cold dusty and drafty for me. I think Ole Rabenburg is going to try it. Maybe if he gits to busy I will help a few days a week. 

Dec. 30 Mother wrote: 

Mrs Johnnie Buus was here and wanted to know how to make Speken Dicken so I showed her. We had coffee and Specen Dicken together and she liked them. I will send some to Lester too. Delmar Buskohl is overseas but don't know just where yet. 

Roman Weis is in England I heard today that Mi 10 & Rose were going to have sale and move to Sioux Falls. The five candy bars were from Mrs. Ben Barnes. 

Dec. 30 Dad wrote: 

Calvin, Mother, and I went to Aunt Rena today. She didn't hear from Lester since he moved. Chester is sti II here. He sure enjoys himself. He picked corn by hand for his brother Frederick a few days. 

Jan. 1, 1945 Mother wrote: 

It is a year ago today that Dale and Quintin left for the navy. We were to Grandma's for dinner today. Alfred, Helen, and Luverne were there also but everything is so different then it use to be but we must be thankful that we are living in this country and not overseas and hope and pray that we will be together again soon. Uncle Willie talked to Mattheis Dad. He said Roland was taking some kind of tests. Grandma said she wished she could write a little better, she would write a few lines to Dwight. He sent her such nice card thanking her for the box she sent. Alrich Andresseen said didn't hear from Henry for three weeks. Did you see in the Argus that Eldon Robinson brother "Curly" got killed in action. Calvin, Robert and I went to see Corsena a little while Sunday and she said that they hadn't hear from Joe since Dec 1st. Wessel Plucker is working in Morrel's. 

Jan. 1 Calvin wrote: 

Henry wrote from Ft Snelling but didn't get his address yet so I can't write to him yet. He thought they would stay in Leavenworth about 3 weeks to get their shots and uniforms. Yesterday we went to Aunt Rena for dinner. I guess Robert gets pretty lonsome now during Christmas vacation. 

Jan. 3 Dad wrote: 

I got that nice box from you for Christmas and a pipe from Mother and a nice pipe and a pound of Prince Albert and a pipe from Uncle Henry and 2 small boxes of cigars from Lester so I can smoke day and night. 

Jan. 4 Mother wrote: 

Aunt Sena was here and said she hadn't heard from Joe since Dec 3. Geo. is still in Ft Knox. I got Henry's address from Mrs Hagemeyer so will write a few words to him. 

Jan. 5 Mother wrote: 

Dwight's mother didn't fair so good in making Speckin Decken as she got sick before she got them made and the company had to get their own dinner. Calvin came home last night and said I just have to take a bath and wash my head. So we had it rather warm in the bedroom and I couldn't sleep so we didn't get up until 8:30 but as long as he isn't working what's the difference. He is fixing some chairs for Rosie in the kitchen that is better then being out in the cold in the elevator and I have a snap. I don't have to do anything but in the house. I have been doing some sewing for the Red Cross lately but now I will have to get busy at the rugs. 

Jan. 8 Calvin wrote: 

We have been working on Uncle Willies income tax but I think we have got it pretty well licked. It has to be by the 15th Jan instead of March. Bud Selleg wanted to know if you wanted to sell or borrow out your ice skates. Write if you can. 

Jan. 9 Dad wrote: 

I went to town to get some oats and was over to Mrs Hagemeyer. She got a letter from Henry. He is in Camp Hood Texas but didn't get his right address yet. 

Jan. 10 Mother wrote: 

I baked some Specken Dicken today and wi II send them tomorrow as Mrs. Martin Plucker was here all afternoon. Martin went to Milo Hoffman farm auction. 

Jan. 12 Helen wrote: 

Been busy with Post Office reports Bonds and invoicing and all the different taxes but been very quiet the last 2 days. I believe the farmers spendt all their money on Mi 10 Hoffmans sale. We got a letter from Lester Fritz also some pictures and one from Kennth Hoffman. Mi Idred Aschoff just left. They are having a stag party for Johnnie Fischer at the gas station and tonight the church is having a farewell party for Harold Poppens. Your mother said Dale Fett is in States and also Bud Larson from Harrisburg. Thats Dwights cousin. Sophie just brought us some Tea. Alfred has gone to Sioux Falls. Luverne was reclassified lC. 

Jan. 18 Mother wrote: 

Uncle Willie thinks Calvin will be called next month for his examination. Hoffmans got a telegram last night that Bernard was missing in action. Mrs. Olson called and said Dale might be home soon and it could happen that he would be home same time as you. Aunt Sena called and said she hasn't heard from Joe and Geo. is on his way across. We haven't heard from Lester either. Dale Fett is in Battle Creek Mich. and they were expecting Bud Larson home like yesterday. First Effie Andreessen came. then Mrs. J J Buus and when she left Mrs. Ben De Vries came so I had company al day. We have been doing Red Cross work so thats why they were here. Mrs. DeVries said Don was still in 4F. Calvin hasn't heard any more from the draft board. About 100 men were called for examination Jan 27th. Irvin Fritz and Bud Welter are the only ones from here. Darrel Buus is still at his post at Lennox. He rides back and forth with Uncle Ben. Calvin and your Dad shoot one old rooster pheasent so we will have some soup. I didn't send any boxes lately because I thought you would be home before long. 

Jan. 22 Mother wrote: 

Your Dad said he was going to town and get your car full of gas and so on so it would be ready if you called you were coming. 

This is part of an undated letter from Delmer Schriever: 

Well the news just came out that censorship had been stopped, so I'll answer all your questions, except one. That's the place we're going. We know where, but can't tell you where. I am on the Island of Mindoro, that's a little Island in the Philippines, so look it up on the map. I didn't hear from Schroeder yet. We got some replacements in a couple of weeks ago, but none from around home. If we get some more I'll be looking for Hagemier. Boy wouldn't that be nice, even if he just got in the Company. I've really got the best job in the Company here, that the cencorship is stopped. I get up at 7:00 o'clock every morning and I'm all done with my work at 8:30 or 9:00 until the mail comes in at about 5:00 o'clock, and that only takes about 15 minutes to sort that. I don't have to stand rivalry [sic] in the morning, and don't do a bit of training. Pretty lucky, but I had some rough days when I was up on the front. I was in a hole with two other boys when I got hit, and they were killed right in the hole with me at that time, so the good Lord was with me. It's all over with now so don't worry about me. I might have to stay over here 18 months, but I've got 7 already, and time really flys. It sure feels good to me that I can write again like always. When I was on line there were 31 different men in my squad some time or the other, and I was the last to get hit. There's suppose to be 10 in a squad, so you can imagine how many replacements we got and how rough it actually was. I'm telling you a lot of things you probably don't want to hear, but its all over with now. If they want to have some news you can tell them that I pitched a no hit no run game. I'm pretty proud of it. ha! ha! I could write another 20 pages if I wanted to, but will write again soon. I wrote this in a hurry so don't know if you can read it. 
I'm fine as a fiddle. So Long 
Love, Delmer 

Delmer's father had written to a senator to get Delmer discharged. He received the following telegram Aug. 28, 1946 at 10:30am. 



Nov. 10, 1945 mother wrote: 

Dad went out to Uncle Willie to take Calvin his car. We had been using his car as long as Uncle Willie was in the hospital but now he wants to use it to go skunk hunting. I guess it gets pretty lonsome now that the evenings are so long. He sometimes talks as if he would like to get in the army but don't like to leave Grandma and Willie set with all the work just yet. Your Dad talked to Wm. Schmidt yesterday and he said they expect Albert home sometime this month. Mrs. Hagemeyer still hasn't heard from Henry but Albert will be home soon. Lester Fritz is in the States but isn't home yet. They have been talking about a dial telephone for a long time as it seems they can't get any operators. They may have it in by spring haywood said if they can get the stuff. Paul Olson is on board ship now. Its 10:45 and I hear Dad and Calvin coming. They got 5 skunks. 

Nov. 10, 1945 Calvin (Delmer’s brother) wrote: 

I am writing this with a little table lamp because a coil in the light plant burned out and we can't get a new one. Dad and I went to Sioux Falls today and got a second hand motor so they are going to bring that out in the morning so we can charge up the batteries again. We stopped at an old trapper and bought 18 traps for $15. 12 mink traps and 3 skunk traps and 3 wolf traps. Muskrat season doesn't open until Dec. 1. There sure are plenty around here. Stein said rats would be worth $2 to $2.50 and mink $35 to$45. Civiets $1.00 and skunks and weasels had a cei ling price on them. Stein paid $.25 more for skunks than Bowes & Rogers. We got $1.50 for the first 7 skunks and $1.75 for the 5 we took up today. Sat night we got 5 under one culbert. Harm Wheelhouse thought he could wire next week. 

Nov. 15 Dad wrote: 

I am working in the elevator again but there isn't much work now. Everybody is busy picking corn now. The corn is not much good this year around here. It is still soft. 

Nov. 18 Dad wrote: 

We had a letter from Henry. He is in Japan doing carpenter work. Last night we got one skunk and one civet cat. Not much money but something to do. Delmar Buskohl got his discharge and is home. Romane Weis is going to get his. 

Nov. 20 Mother wrote: 

Sure made us all feel good to see a picture of you again and hope we can see you in person again soon but let us all thank God that everything has turned out like it has so far. I hope you get your $103 a month for Communication Sgt. I see in the paper where they put the points down to 55 but I don't suppose that helps you much yet. I heard that Lester Fritz is going to be our next door neighbor. Gets married and lives in Mel Schoens house. Alvin Atkins are going to farm the Craig place and Van's move to Sioux Falls. 

Nov. 24 Mother wrote: 

We were to Helen & Alfred for Thanksgiving dinner but everything seems so different than other wise. You gone Luverne gone and Uncle Willie can't eat much of the things that we have on those days and Uncle Hank alone. We got that big flag that you sent in Sept but haven't gotten that knife you wrote about. Quinton Sutton is in the States on a 30 day leave but isn't home yet. 

Nov. 25 Dad wrote: 

Calvin & I went trapping this afternoon and got 1 civit cat and 1 mink. I saw in the paper yesterday all those getting the silver star would get discharge right away. I sure hope you will get yours. How many points do you have now? 

Nov. 27 Dad wrote: 

I am still working in the elevator as Olson is sick most of the time. It is a good job. Albert Hagemeyer and Albert Schmidt are back in the states. Lester leaves France tomorrow. 

Nov. 28 Mother wrote: 

I am over to Andresens and am going to write from here. Mrs Andressen is Sitting here in the rocking chair but a person can't talk much to her. Etta went to Lennox with Mrs Hagemeyer and the girls to the play. Margaret is in it. Calvin went to Canton for Uncle Willie this afternoon. We got a letter from Aunt Sena and she wrote that Geo. was still in France. Joe bought a gravel truck and is hauling gravel by Parker and room & boards by Martin Bosch. I sent for some film to Sears as they had some in a special cat. but I got the money back. 

Nov. 30 Dad wrote: 

Calvin went to Sioux Falls yesterday and sold 7 civit cats for $1 each, 2 skunks for $2 each, 1 mink for $20.00. It was a small one. Calvin got a card from the draft Board. They put him in 2C again till May 29, 1946. 

Nov. 30 Calvin wrote: 

Matthies said Roland was in Korea now and was busy fixing trucks. We haven't been too busy but been chasing all over the country for one thing or another. I was to Canton, Lennox, Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, and Tea 4 times already this week. 

Dec. 1 Mother wrote: 

Helen is here and said Albert Schmidt came home Thur and Orland Weis was in the states. Your Dad is in the elevator. 

Dec. 2, 1945, Dad wrote: 

I talked to Willie Javers yesterday. He said he thought his boy would be home by Jan 15. Geo. Rippentrop wrote he would be lucky to be home by New Years. I think Lester will be home by the time you git this letter. He left France Nov. 28. Glad you are getting the Lennox Independent. 

Dec. 3 Mother wrote: 

I was supposed to go to the post office this morning but it snowed and Helen & Alfred didn't go to Huron so I didn't have to work. Your Dad talked to Albert Schmidt and he said the 96th would be bringing home the colors in Feb. Uncle Willie isn't very well yet. He had a bad spell during the night. Grandma couldn't git central to call the doctor or us so Ray & Minnie came and got us during the night. Good thing Calvin is cool headed as Grandma isn't much anymore. 

Dec. 5 Mother wrote: 

Harm Wheelhouse didn't show up again. I sure would like to get it done as our old gas lamp and iron are about done for and can't get any repairs. Quinton and Jerome are coming over toward nite to see the pictures. Now Helen just called and wants me to go along to Grandma's. 

Dec. 7 Calvin wrote: 

I was going to write the last two nights but Wed John Wolthuis was over and last night Fetts were over. Uncle Willie bought a new hammer mill so we tried that out today. It worked pretty good only the ear corn was tough yet went pretty slow but the other grain went good. This way we only have to scoop it once because we can run the wagon under the dust collector and then back it up to the feed bunk. 

Dec. 10 Mother wrote: 

Calvin & I went to Aunt Rena's a little whi Ie Sunday P.M. We left after dinner and were back here at 4 as Calvin had to get the stock back in the barn as it was rather cold. Albert Schmidt is going to get married some day this week with the Harm Geiken girl who worked in the store. Quinton and Jerome were here Friday P.M. I sure had a nice visit with them. It was the day we got the citation for the bronze star and I showed it to them. I have been busy making rugs as I am home here all day alone and am glad that I have something to do. I don't get much time in the afternoon as I do all the chores except milking in the morning.

Dec. 11 Dad wrote: 

We had a letter from Henry yesterday. He said he had two letters from you. Albert Hagemeyer came home today. I willgit a nice big job this spring taking down Mel Schoan house and building a new one. Olson is going to build a house too there will be plenty of work. I hope you will be back and help me. Grandma & Willie were sick in bed most of the time. Calvin sure has his hands full there but he said he could stand it alright. 

Dec. 12 Calvin wrote: 

It is snowing out a little tonight and more forecast. We have plenty of hay and some straw in the barn so we are all set. Helen & Sophie were here today and Helen and I went to Lennox to get some meat from the locker. We brought some for mother too and quite a little because it is co Id now and wi II keep. I am wearing your 4 buckle overshoes because its so hard to get new ones. I'll just buy you some new ones when you need them and can get new ones. 

Dec. 15 Dad wrote: 

Aunt Rena came last night with Van Craig and Robert went over to Craigs. She had a telegram that Lester would land in the states this morning and should be home in 8 days. Orland Weis got his discharge last week. 

Dec. 18 Calvin wrote: 

Quinton Sutton was in town and wanted to go tobbagoning so I gave Roger Craig, Sutton and Robert a ride. It was the first time for Robert and he had quite a time of it. He sure rolled and slide on his stomach but he thought it was fun. 

Dec. 20 Dad wrote: 

I talked to Lester Fritz yesterday. He looks just like always still smoking his pipe. Aunt Rena called and said Lester got home this morning at 10 o'clock. She said he was just like always. Geo. Rippentrop got in the states Dec 18 and should be home by Sun. 

Jan. 1, 1946 Calvin wrote: 

Today is New Years and we had dinner over here. Peters didn't come because there is quite a lot of snow. I have an old pair of Uncle Willie chains on my car so I can git through ok. Lester was over last night and we had Spec Dicken. He was going to California for a couple weeks visit. He was going to ride or drive for someone else. He said he would never ride on another train again if he could help it. 

Jan. 2 Mother wrote: 

Donald DeVries and Delmar Buskohl were here to estimate what Don would take to wire the house. He wants $50 more than Harm, so best wait and let Harm do it. We can buy almost all the fixtures for that money. Dad and I were out to Grandma's a little while yesterday. Theo. Jongelings were there also. Guess Olson has a chance to sell the elevator but don't know if he will. Paul, Ellsworth, and Kenneth Hoffman are all in China. 

Jan. 4, 1946, Dad wrote: 

We didn't get the lights yet. Harm sure is slow getting started. Bill Lutterman was in the elevator today and asked if you were still pitching softball. 

Jan. 6 Dad wrote: 

Today is Sun. We went to Aunt Rena and Robert for dinner. Lester and Hermie were there so we had a nice visit. 

Jan. 8 Mother wrote: 

Its just a year ago today that you left home and although you are far from home today things do seem much brighter now then in 1945 as now we are looking forward to you coming home but then it was altogether diffeerent. Geo. Rippentrop was here yesterday but your Dad wasn't home so he hasn't seen him yet. Joe is working in Morrels. 

Jan. 8 Calvin wrote: 

Well, 1946 has got a start already and it sure doesn't seem like. It won't be long till spring planting. Time goes so fast here but I suppose pretty slow when you wait around there so long. We heard they were going to slow down demobilization and the G.I. are sure complaining and demonstrating. It sounds like Congress is going to see that they get out of the army as soon as possible. Mother and I were to Lennox yesterday and stopped at Aunt Sena and saw Geo. He was getting ready to start his route again. Today Dad and I went to Lennox and I took Uncle Willies income tax along and had that fixed up. 

Jan. 11 Dad wrote: 

We were busy in the elevator the last few days. Mother and Calvin went to Sioux Falls today and got some light fixtures. Harm is supposed to start wiring tomorrow but I doubt it. Olson said Dale has to move to a different place. He had to do dentist work now. Paul is in China and has seen Ellsworth Wilkenson. Lester is coming Sun. and we are going hunting about 8 miles north of Parker. There are plenty of pheasants here but the season is closed. 

Jan. 11 Mother wrote: 

Calvin and I intend to go to Sioux Falls today to see what can be done with his teeth. I will send a few clippings from the paper and send the Lennox paper. I hope your 33 points will be good luck to you. 

Jan. 13 Dad wrote: 

To bad that you don't get to go along with your Division to the United States. I hope it won't be long before you come Lester was here again yesterday. He sure likes to come to Tea and we like to have him come. 

Jan. 18 Calvin wrote: 

You asked if we got that Bolo knife. We got that just before Christmas. I was going to write last night but LeRoy and Mrs Fett came over. Dale is going to G.I. mechanical school in Lincoln, Nebr. Bill Fett didn't feel to good. Bill and Dale were hauling rock over on Aunt Katies land and he took a spill in the sandpit. They were backing a trailer into the pit when the eveners broke and the trailer tipped over and he fell off in the water. Dale had to pull him out. It was pretty cold and his clothes were froze stiff when he got home. Yesterday Hamerly butchered a hog so last night I took some liver home. Tomorrow I am going to Lennox and get a quarter of the hog back and mother wants to can it. Today was Mrs Andressans funeral so Grandma and us went to that. Harm Wheelhouse hasn't showed up yet. 

Jan. 19 Mother wrote: 

Dwight's mother called and said they got a letter from Dwight he wrote the day after Christmas. It sure was nice that you and Dwight could go to town together. I guess Ellsworth is writing some pretty blue letters home lately. Martha said he had enough points but he inlisted so he will have to stay in a while yet. We haven't heard from Henry for a long time. I suppose its fun to drive around in a jeep. 

Jan. 20 Calvin wrote: 

Harm Wheelhouse finally got started wiring today. He had another guy with him. He seemed to make pretty good headway after he got going. Just so he keeps at it now. These strikes here are sure getting to be a nusiance. Uncle Willie has a load of hogs and cattle to sell but can't on account of the packing house strike. It wouldn't be so bad but there isn't to much corn in the country and farmers have to use extra feed. Fri Geo. Dickens and I went to Sioux Falls to see about a corn picker for next year. They had all the ones they got in now sold but were taking orders on 200 deposit. I didn't know if Uncle Willie wanted to do that or not so didn't. Donald Dickens wife works in the Sioux Implement Co where they see them. Geo stopped in this morning and Uncle Willie gave him a check. She said they had 14 orders ahead of him but they had 300 ordered so he should get one by next fall. 

Jan. 22 Mother wrote: 

Wm Schmidt said the J avers boy came home yesterday. Thdt sure didn't take him long to git home after he left there. We sure are glad Dwight is around there yet and hope you boys can get to see each other once in a while. Johnnie said Dwight had to work 12 hr a day. Thats quite a long day at least if its so hot. We all pray that it won't be to long anymore that you wi II be back here with us. 

Jan. 23 Mother wrote: 

It sure is a snow storm out right now. Can't see out to the road. Dad called from the elevator to put the cows in the barn but I had them in already. Harvey Fritz was here this morning to get Morgans address as they were going to Flandreau to look at a farm that was for sale. I suppose there wi II be quite a few changes in Tea when you get back. Earl Albers is going to start a cream station in L. Hesse building so they say. Mel Schoen is going to pull down the old Morgan house and build 2 small ones. Dan Weis is also going to put up two new houses if he can get the lumber. I guess on the creeping jenny patch by C. Church. Your Dad got the Schoen job and that sure will be nice so close to home. The dial telephone outfit isn't making much headways. Guess they have the foundation ready. Olsons, Les Dannen and Albert Javers all have received notes that they have to move. Ben Barnes sold his place for $450. Calvin was home last night and brought over 60# of lard to be rendered. Helen came over this morning to help me this is for Grandma but she can't do this any more. 

Jan. 24 Dad wrote: 

I will work in the elevator till Feb 16 then stay home a few weeks and then start carpenter work again. It is to dusty in the elevator for me. I and Albert Javers got your car all together. We put in a new clutch and a new ring gear. 

Jan. 28 Mother wrote: 

Mr. & Mrs. Will Schmidt were here last night and asked to see that 96 Div Book 1942-44 as Albert didn't git his. Albert went to see Raymond one evening and said he was fine. Chester Fett is back in the States. 

Jan. 30 Mother wrote: 

Yesterday Calvin had his teeth x-rayed. I suppose it will cost a few hundred dollars. Its the same place as Paul Olsen went. Harm Wheelhouse has been here twice wiring and he really gits something done when he is here. We got a fixture for the dinning room for $13.00 and one for the Kitchen for $8.55. We will have about 48 outlets. 

Jan. 31 Mother wrote: 

Dad came home this noon all excited. He had seen Raymond Javers and was he ever glad to have talked to him. He said you were good and strong. Raymond had lost 20# as he had been sick on the ship but was O.K. now. Dad said he started talking German to himright away. Chester Fett came home yesterday. Calvin got him from Harrisburg. 

Feb. 3 Dad wrote: 

I will work two more weeks in the elevator and then fix my tools and take a little rest. Friday night Calvin was out tobogganing with Albert Hagemeyer and a bunch of boys. Harm Wheelhouse was here again yesterday to wire. I think he will be done in about three weeks if he comes every Saturday. Mrs Hagemeyer said Henry was still in the same place building water towers. 

Feb. 3 Calvin wrote: 

The Tea Fire Department had a rabbit hunt today so I went along. It was not very nice weather so there were only 30 hunters with guns and we only covered 3 sections and got 10 jackrabbits and 14 cottontails. Uncle Willie sold the last of his cattle that he was feeding Fri so we have less chores. Tue I had my teeth xrayed. They thought I may have to have a few pulled but the rest were sound only had decays in them. I go back Feb 12 and find out how the xrays turn out. Thursday Chester called from the Harrisburg station so we went and got him. He would have been in 4 years in another mo. 

Feb. 4 Mother wrote: 

Mrs. Behrens was here this afternoon. She said Wendell was in Guam and Harris on Letye. Sure nice you and Dwight have been lucky to still be so close together. 

Feb. 4 Mother wrote: 

Last night Wm Fokken got killed instantly on Highway 16 near the Yellow Lantern when a truck and 2 cars came together. 4 deaths in Tea in a short time. Mr Kock, L. Hesse, Mrs Andressen and now Bill. 

Feb. 6 Dad wrote: 

Albert Javers unloaded a carload of coal today for Olson. He is getting 75 cents for a ton.' Harvey Fritz was in the elevator and said he was moving to Willow Lake in two or three weeks. Lester Fritz is staying with his mother in Sioux Falls and then is moving on a farm. 

Feb. 25 Calvin wrote: 

I had two teeth pulled a week ago Fri and three last Fri so I have to eat mostly soup now because they were scattered all over my mouth. I have to have 5 top ones in the front pulled yet and then I will get a partial plate on top. Chester was here to do the chores from Fri nite until Sun nite. He would like to start farming for himself but they don't know if LeRoy will have to go to the army. If he does then Chester will probly have to stay home. Harm has all the wiring done except a few hours. It is all ready to connect up so as soon as they come out and put in poles and connect it up they should have lights. Dad can't hardly wait until they get the lights working now. At first he didn't think to much of it but now he has everything planned out what he wants to do with electricity. 

March 4 Calvin wrote: 

Harm is almost done wiring. Everything is working. I don't know how much it will be exactly yet but around a Hundred dollars. I won't pay him until he finishs otherwise he probly won't finish. You mentioned you might like to try  farming when you get out. I think that is a good business. It wouldn't be good to start for 2 or 3 years because everything is so high priced and hard to get. Dale and Chester are both home now. Dale is going to farm Aunt Katies land across the road and Chester will probly stay home if LeRoy goes to the army. Chester would like to start farming for himself but he went to a few sales and saw a lot of junk sell for the price of new so he thought it would be better to wait a year or so. 

March 4 Mother wrote: 

Aunt Rena and Robert came out with Joe Sat day night and we took them home with your car and had a flat tire so we sent for 2 new ones. Etta Andressen was here almost all day yesterday. Its rather lonesome for her. Mrs Hagemeyer and Effie went to Topeka Kansas for two weeks. Albert Javers moved out of Morgans house yesterday into Camps garge. 

March 5 Dad wrote: 

I am working everyday now tearing down Mel's house. It sure looks big for 1 man to do the job but I don't mind so close to home. Olsen moved into Bill Folken house today. 

March 7 Dad wrote: 

Calvin helped me a few hours at Mel's house. I think it will take me 6 mo to take it down and build a new one. I will get $1100 for the job. 

March 9 Mother wrote: 

Calvin had some more teeth pulled. Guess he doesn't have to go again until May 2 and then may be called to the army anyway yet if they keep the selective service in effect. Will cost him $200. 

March 12 Mother wrote: 

We got two new tires and tubes for your car so now we can use it some time. Your Dad is going to Lennox to get the license plates. Uncle Henry says to say hello for him. We read all your letters to him. Helen comes everyday and reads your letters. She was here 3 times yesterday. 

March 17 Calvin wrote: 

The roads are fairly soft and cutup so we don't go to town much. I can still git through with the Ford but we had some trouble making it with the Chevy. Alice is coming when Robert graduates and wants to take him back to California. She wants him to go to the U of Calif next year. He said he would try to git out of it but doubted if he could. They had a St Patrick dance in Tea last night. Norman Kish couldn't get through with his car so he went to town with his tractor. He tried to go in the restaurant with it and broke the whole door and frame out. He broke a door in Van Craig's car too. 

April 5 Dad wrote: 

Aunt Rena came on the train this morning. Robert came with Craigs tonight. May be he will help tomorrow. Next week I will have the house all down. Mother is sending you a box of candy. I don't suppose you will ever get it. Maybe Truman will get it. 

April 8 Mother wrote: 

Dad is sure getting the old house down in a hurry. Aunt Rena is spending a lot of time there. I have been taking some pictures as we finally got a 620 film. Dad spaded some in the garden. I planted two rows of potatoes and some onions. Herman Otten plowed the lot by Uncle Hank. Calvin said maybe they could get a ball team started again. Albert, Bernard, and Jerome are the only ones in town here. May be Dale and Quinton will get out pretty soon. 

April 8 Calvin wrote: 

We have the oats all in now and I suppose the first thing we know it will be time to harvest it. It will be another month before we can plant corn. They are going to start a ball team again. The Legion is going to sponsor it. There isn't anyone to pitch so I guess I'll have to practice. We could use the yardlight now so we can practice pitching at night. The way it sounds you should be home by the time the season really starts. There sure are a lot of pheasants and ducks so it should be good hunting this fall if there is any water left by then. 

April 11 Dad wrote: 

Jerome Weis told me the American Legion was going after the town board to buy about 10 A south of John Camp place for a ball diamond. Calvin is going to try to pitch until you come home. I think I wi II have the house down by May 1. I think I did pretty good just in two months. 

April 14 Dad wrote: 

We had a letter from Henry that he sent free that took over a month and another one by airmail that came in 6 days. When I finish with the old house I will start the new basement. I get paid extra for that $1.10 an hour ten hours a day. 

April 15 Calvin wrote: 

We had ball practice Sun. About half of the original team is still gone so they are going to just play teams this year and try to git in a league next year. There were quite a few there including Albert Hagemeyer, Ben & Ernie Hoffman, Jerome, Bud Welter, Alvin Atkins, three Albers brothers, Jack Keating, Lester and Irvin Fritz and Roger Craig. What we need now is a good manager. I believe Alvin Atkins would be good. The Boy Scouts have a hundred dollars left from when they broke up. The scouts want to give it to the Legion to buy equipment. Helen has been dragging stuff over home that she doesn't need 4 table lamps and a floor lamp, electric vacuum sweeper. We put on some new cords and patched the sweeper but they all work. She is glad to be out of the store. Chester was over here a while. He is working Alfred Messners land. 

April 16 Mother wrote: 

Mel is going to build one house north of Calvin's lot. I think they intend to live there themselves. Nels Nelson lives in Aunt Katie house now. Mrs Penzhorn won't come back to Tea this summer as she isn't very well. Everweins are backin Tea after spending the winter in Sioux Falls. Etta is in Iowa for three weeks. I ordered 100 chicks for Monday so I will have to get busy and get the brooder house in shape and the stove set up. We planted two rows of potatoes over to Uncle Henry place yesterday. 

April 17 Dad wrote: 

Jerome likes to drive the tractor once in a while. He came over and used it to haul junk. He would like to buy it but I don't want to sell it. We didn't hear from Lester don't know if he is staying in Calif or coming back to So. Dak. The last we heard he was doing carpenter work with Earl. 

April 22 Dad wrote: 

Today I cleaned some nails from the lumber from Mel's house. I paid Uncle Hank 10 cents a bundle to clean the nails from the laths. 25 laths to a bundle. Yesterday they played ball. They chose up sides. Calvin side won 11 to 2. Irvin Fritz pitched and Calvin did the catching. Robert and Raymond Selleg played with them. We had a letter from Lester today. He said if he didn't find a job soon he was coming back to So. Dak. 

April 23 Mother wrote: 

I can't remember when we had such lovely weather this time of year. Every thing is nice and green. The plum and apple trees are blooming. We can eat ruhbarb and asparagus and the garden stuff is coming up nice. I set 3 clucks on duck eggs I got from Grandma. Everything is better now then last year at this time. Sure was a worry then. We hope and pray that God will see you safely home soon. 

April 24 Dad wrote: 

Mother is ironing with the new electric iron. That sure is different then with the old gas iron. Our electric bill was $1.29 a month. I got a new pair of overalls. The first pair in about a year. They are sure hard to git. 


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