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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

News preview for July 31st issue…

Southeast Threshermen to host 30th Annual Show this weekend

Southeast South Dakota Threshermen are ready to host the 30th Annual Threshing Show on Aug. 1-3 at the Goeman Auction grounds one mile north of Lennox on Highway 17.
The action will begin on Friday evening with a tractor ride to Lennox. Everyone is welcome to bring their tractor and join in the tractor ride. Participants should meet at the Goeman Auction grounds at 5:30 p.m. The tractor ride will leave the grounds at 6 p.m. sharp.
The tractor ride will go through Lennox, passing by Hilda’s Heritage and the Lennox Good Samaritan Center before leaving town.  Riders will also stop at the Lennox Museum to take in the special Allis Chalmers memorabilia display.

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Building a dream

When Jessica Peterson, A Home for Austin committee member, had the idea to hold a road race as a corporate challenge for A Home For Austin, the race’s name couldn’t be more fitting — by definition mettle means, “a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.”
Peterson felt it was a fitting tribute to the little boy who the race was raising funds for — Austin Schoppert, of Tea. As you’ve read in previous stories Austin lost his arms and legs to a rare from of meningitis in 2009. A Home For Austin was a group formed  in 2012 with the goal of building Austin a handicap accessible home.
The corporate challenge was made possible by a generous donation from Valley Exchange Bank and Exchange Insurance of Lennox and Tea.  Roger Haugo, Valley Exchange Bank president said, “Our bank and insurance agency considered it a rare privilege to be able to help with such a genuinely worthwhile project that received such wonderful support from the communities of Tea and Lennox, as well as from innumerable generous people.”
The Mettle Run took place July 26 with a half marathon starting off from Lennox at 7:30 a.m. It was soon after that the rain came. However the weather didn’t dampen the spirits of those who participated.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

News preview for July 24th issue…

Sioux Steel expands business with acquisition of HiQual

Sioux Steel is expanding its product line with the acquisition of HiQuals Engineered Structures Ltd., a Canadian company that manufactures livestock handling equipment.  That expansion could mean up to 20 more jobs in the Lennox plants, confirmed Scott Rysdon, President and CEO of Sioux Steel.
Sioux Steel currently has four plants that are based in Lennox—Koyker Manufacturing, Sioux Steel Livestock Division, Sioux Steel Pro-Tec Division and Fusion Plastics—and a plant based in Sioux Falls. They have approximately 440 employees, 232 of those are working in the Lennox.
Rysdon said that key personnel from Canada will be coming down to help with the transition, but he expects the remainder will be hired locally. Manufacturing of the HiQual equipment will take place at the Koyker plant. Sioux Steel is currently looking for another facility to assemble the product.
Adding the livestock handling equipment is a good fit with the company, who already manufactures livestock equipment. The HiQual equipment has hydraulics, something not currently offered in their products.

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2014 Lincoln County 4-H Achievement Days begins next week

The Lincoln County 4-H Leaders Association would like to welcome the public to attend the 4-H activities at the 4-H Grounds on July 29, 30, 31.  The 4-H Grounds are located 2 miles east of Canton, north on Canwood Drive.  There is no fee to attend.
Tuesday, July 29 is the Poultry Show beginning at 11:30 a.m.  The Swine Show will start at 6:00 p.m. 
Wednesday, July 30 is the Beef show which begins at 9:00 a.m.  The Rabbit Program will start with Showmanship at noon and the show to follow.  The 4-H BBQ runs from 5:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m.  BBQ Tickets are available to purchase at the Extension Office until July 25.  They will also be available at the 4-H Grounds beginning July 29. 4-H Fashion Revue and the Talent Contest will take place during the BBQ. Bring your lawn chairs!   4-H Jr. Leaders are hosting the dance from 9 p.m. to midnight for all youth.  There is a fee to attend the dance.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

News preview for July 17th issue…

School Board approves 2015 budget

The School Board meeting on July 14th opened with the Budget Hearing presented by Business Manager Angela Arlt. The thorough presentation clearly outlined the budget revenues and expenditures for each fund. The General Fund budget for the Lennox School District 41-4 for 2014-15 is $5,815,951. Revenue highlights included: 3.36% increase to State Aid; State aid per student - $4,781.14; Budgeted fall enrollment – 1,040 students; 2014 Levies payable 2015: Ag $ 1.782, Owner Occupied $ 4.252, Other $ 9.106; Using $68,111 of fund balance to balance budget - bonuses and teacher salary increases; light increase in State Apportionment, Bank Franchise Tax, & Title I monies.
General Fund Expenditure Budget Highlights showed items such as:  Salary increase for certified staff; Increased bus driver pay almost 24% - $19.50/hour; 3% increase to administrative and classified staff salaries; District covered the 2.75% health insurance increase for staff.
Arlt said the fiscal year 2014 ending balance of the general fund at $1,511,338 was higher than normal. She said, “We will want to look at our general fund balance and see if there is something we want to do with that…to spend it on our students and teachers.”

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Public concerns heard at City Council meeting

Lennox City Councilmen held their first regular meeting of the month on Monday night.
The meeting began with approval of the agenda, minutes, claims, payroll report.
Under visitors to be heard: 
New Superintendent: Kirk Easton introduced himself to the council.
Glenn Nelson was at the meeting to inquire about the Joe Kidd property that is located on South Main. Nelson is of the opinion that it does not comply with city ordinances. Public Works Director Greg Stack explained that the council approved a temporary use permit and concrete on the approach was approved.
“He has since then done that and in my opinion, he is in compliance with what the council had approved,” said Stack.
Nelson responded that parking or storage areas have to be concrete or blacktop and anything that is not has to be a grassy area. “Are we going to follow our ordinances or are we going to forget our ordinances?” said Nelson.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

News preview for July 10th issue…

What a party!

It couldn’t have been better!  The sun was shining on Lennox last week as the community celebrated the 4th of July in style. Early Thursday evening, the town started getting busy. People were at the museum to catch the unveiling of the historical marker; unique cars, trucks and cycles were beginning to cruise Main Street; and the street dance crowd was warming up to the music of the neo Johnsons.  The night ended with the crowd dancing to the music of Judd Hoos. The Lennox Commercial Club has donated all of the proceeds of the dance to the new Lennox swimming pool. A check was presented to the pool committee on Monday  night in the amount of $8,501.80.

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Over 400 runners compete in the Firecracker Road Race

Four hundred and 16 runners participated in the annual Firecracker Road Race held the morning of July 4 in Lennox. Runners traveled from Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Virginia, California, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Tennessee. 
Results from the one mile race are as follows—Ages 10 and under: Boys—Carter Benning, Justin Vest, Conner Eich, Layton Smith, Cloy McVey, Austin Strasser, Braxton Musser; Girls—Selah Tabbert, Grace Dainauski, Carli Kuyper, Sophia Sanchez, Mariah Smit
Ages 11-14: Boys—Joseph Zacher, Jack Begeman, Petyon Eich, John Steele; Girls—Jori Strasser, Bree Van Meeteren, Rianna Fillipi, Hattie Breck, Riley Peters, Mara Hinker
Ages 15-18: Girls—Rachel West, Abbie Strasser, Jessica Tyrell, Bailey Zibble
Ages 19-29: Women—Josie Eli, Charity Lyon
Ages 30-39: Men—Jeremy Begeman, Mike Satzeveder, Casey Jorgensen; Women—Katie Kennett, Cara Dainauski, Quinn Jorgensen, Jodi Smith, Erica Lyon, Ashley Munce
Ages 40-49: Men—Wayne Van Meeteren, Todd Abraham, Matt Dainauski; Women—Michelle Abraham, Christine Westerman
Ages 50-59: Men—Brian Minish; Women—Patty Buechler, Kathy DeVries, Vickie Munce
Ages 60+: Men—Richard Poppinga, Allen Rippentrop; Women—Carol Doorn
Results from the two mile race are as follows—Ages 10 and under: Boys—Layne Kuper, Joaquin Dominguez, Sawyer Bowers, Noa Dominguez, Bam Palkovic, Alex Munce; Girls—Sydney Sherwood, Hannah Stagman, Emma Renz
Ages 11-14: Boys—Jaetin DeCou, Cole Benning, Tyson Stoebner; Girls—Jenaka DeCou, Madysen Vlastuin, Gracie, Bekah Husman, Kendra Stien
Ages 15-18: Boys—Michael Olson, Dylan Hanisch, Theo Hillman; Girls—Erica Westerman, Shaylee Jelinck, Baylee Abraham, Jordan Kruse, Abby Abraham
Ages 19-29: Men—Mark Olson, Thomas Hagena; Women—Katie Gloe, Danielle Rivera, Kayla Plimpton, Laura Watts
Ages 30-39: Men—Cody Sargent, Josh Benz, Dennis Ortman, Johnathon Hagena; Women—Jessica Moway, Katie Sherwood, Karen Wehnke
Ages 40-45: Men—Mark Westerman, Mike Sanchez, Jeff Munce; Women—Paula Albers, Katrina Gordon, Tini Tyrell, Julie Hinker
Ages 50-59: Men—Randy Smit, Doyle Christensen, Rich Wilkins; Women—Leslie Sleattum, Alison Jelimek, Vickie Plucker, Pam Elhoff, Rise Jongeling
Ages 60+: Men—Tom Iverson, Dale DeVries, Stan Wahl, Darrel Westerman, Jim Ferrin; Women—Katy Rippentrop, Sharon Albers, Claudia Benson
Duane Jongeling was named the male overall winner in the 5K with a time of 16:52.7 and Hanna Wahl claimed the female overall winner title with her time of 20:58.4.
Complete results from the 5K are as follows (name, time)—Ages 10 and under: Boys—Isaac Eide, 24:16.3; Ryan West, 28.37.6; Girls—Emma Pirila, 31:45.4; Wyatt Stuntebeck, 28:52.5; Jase Brouwer, 30:18.4; Lucas Slack, 31:05.7; Lance Spieler, 31:48.2
Ages 14 and under: Boys—Camden Wulf, 21:06; Cooper Benning, 22:04.5; Quin, 22:44.7; Ryan, 23:58.4; Ben Trebilcock, 24:54; Ty Spieler, 25:27.8; Mitchell Rust, 28:33.8; Malachi Brouwer, 29:16.1; Kadin Smidt, 30:25.5; Girls—Olivia Slack, 28:30.8; Alexis Stoffers, 28:33.8; Kaylee Hoffman, 28:42.7; Madelynn Munce, 31:25.8; Katie Vest, 31:28.3
Ages 15-18: Boys—Justin Grode, 17:42.9; Rodrigo Balmaceda, 19:32.4; Sam Maxwell, 20:14.4; Michael Harms, 20:39.6; Mitchell Peters, 20:52; Kinard Sproles, 21:30.8; Logan Hansen, 22:16, Alex Harms, 22:22.7; Dylan Abraham, 22:24.8; Isaiah Smidt, 24:44.6; Garret Thompson, 24:52.3; Taylor Anderson, 24:57.4; Connor Abbas, 25:31.8; Austin Smidt, 26:18.9; Isaac Round, 31:23.7; Girls—Hanna Wahl, 20:58.4; Maisey Bainbridge, 22:22.4; Megan Cramer, 22:54.2; Macy Burroughs, 23:17.5; Ali Hoffman, 25:15.1; Sara Dow, 25:20.1; Kirsten Paetow, 25:59.3; Harlie Breck, 29:01.6 
Ages 19-29: Male—Duane Jongeling, 16:52.7; Carl Lang, 21:30.5; Matthew Gloe, 22:53.4; Zach DeNeui, 27:24; Adam Waits, 29:45.3; Women—Kim Tanner, 23:28.1; Melissa Nielson, 24:44; Heidi Oakland, 25:17.1; Jordana Thompson, 28:17.4; Linda Miller, 29:52.2
Ages 30-39: Male—Jamie Baldwin, 23:31.1; Eric Beckman, 23:57.8; Tim Strasser, 24:08.6; Nathan Strasser, 24:09.7; Paul McVey, 24:11.1; Collin Wiggins, 24:11.1; Chris Hanssen, 25:41.1; Andrew McDonald, 26:18.5; Danny Tank, 28:22; John Curtis, 28:47.9; Tim Ratliff, 28:52.4; Steve Woltjer, 29:08.9; Ryan Strege, 30:37.2; Clint Benson, 31:07.2; Jason Vest, 31:28.3; Women—Anna Martin, 22:30.2; Rachel Hallvin, 24:56.6; Kristi Kasten, 24:58.4; Tami Bittner, 25:12; Sarah Alley, 26:42.4; Danielle McEneaney, 27:10.3; Christine Weischedel, 28:13.4; Cindi Tank, 28:21.9; Kim Hanssen, 28:36.6; Katherine Sanchez, 28:38; Anna Husman, 29:36; Lindsay Dummer, 29:47.9; Jamie Hill, 29:51.7; Jesse Krause, 30:04.2; Crystal Johnson, 30:07.8; Angela Nordquist, 30:43.6; Anna Flogstad, 31:12.4; Stephanie Dominguez, 31:19.3; Lynsey Moller, 31:25.8
Ages 40 to 49: Male—Cory Strasser, 20:54.4; Mark Valentien, 21:20.6; Bill Hansen, 23:07.8; Scott Coates, 23:24.6; Darren McClary, 23:35.1; James Murphy, 24:25.1; Doug VanBeek, 28:54.3; Chad Breck, 30:46.3; Joe Abbas, 31:05.9; Brian Rezac, 31:06.8; Female—Rhonda Anderson, 22:08.2; Becky Wahl, 22:08.2; Tami Blasius, 22:27.8; Molly Mason, 25:39.1; Lisa Murphy, 26:20; Laurie Kruse, 26:50.7; Joanne Bohl, 27:02.1; Darla Olson, 27:08.1; Julie Stelloh, 27:56.9; Brenda Reeves, 29:31.7; Jackie Lackas, 31:32.2; Krystil Smit, 31:46.5
Ages 50-59: Male—Jim Lemonds, 22:18.7; Mike Winter, 26:48.8; Craig Skattum, 29:36.8; Tim Tyrell, 30:19.3; Female—Kim Schneider, 22:54.9; Vicki Nelson, 23:08.1
Ages 60+: Mike Wiggins, 26:10.1; Pat Bohl, 30:25.1
York Thomas was the overall male winner in the 10K with his time of 32:30.3. Megan Zavorka Thomas was the overall female winner with a time of 36:29.6. 
Complete results from the 10K are as follows (name, time)—Ages 14 and under: Girls—Chylee Thompson, 55:08.2; Danielle Stoffers, 57:22.8 
Ages 15-18: Boys—Lukas Nelson, 39:13.5; Nathan Timmerman, 40:23.6; Girls—Laura Nelson, 40:30.4; Halie Mechels, 44:38.7; Katelyn Hinker, 47:39.8
Ages 19-29: Men—York Thomas, 32.30.3; Brian Juber, 43:38.9; Christian Petrich, 44:04; Andrew Barkley, 48:37.4; Ben Krush, 51:15.4; Women—Megan Zavorka Thomas, 36:29.6; Ashley Buse, 39:21.4; Megan Juber, 43:56.3; Taya Upkes, 50:54.4; Sarah Krush, 51:15.4
Ages 30-39: Male—Patrick Steffen, 38:40; Matthew Alley, 43:18.9; Travis Stuntebeck, 44:10; Josh VanLeeuwen, 44:24.5; Tom Kniffen, 45:37; Danny Weiss, 49:24.8; Lee McCoy, 50:05.3; Jerry Light, 51:48.5; Jesse Javers, 52:59.1; Roger White, 54:06.9; Female—Nicole Garaets, 41:05.8; Karolina Slack, 44:14.2; Sara Brunner, 45:13.7; Sara Anderson, 45:41.6; Whitney Lucas Molitor, 47:46.2; Sarah Weiss, 47:48.4; Jean Weber, 47:50.5; Amy Divis, 48:20.6; Charissa Covey, 48:32; Heidi McCoy, 50:05.2; Laura Raeder, 50:28.4; Andrea Jacobson, 50:58.6; Autumn Brockevelt, 52:12.8; Annie Hoffman, 55:20.4; Tonya Benson, 55:36.6; Renee James, 59:24.6; Hilary Salzwedel, 1:02:22
Ages 40-49: Male—Barry Hein, 35:35.8; Bill Sevold, 39:56.1; Sam Trebilcock, 41:00.4; Steve Wahl, 43:18.9; Jim Eischen, 43:32.6; Jason Winter, 46:37.8; Brian Raymon, 50:39.9; Bob Steadman, 52:11.9; Troy Coatsworth, 55:06.1; Karl Hernes, 57:03.1; Female—Julie Ortman, 44:18.8; Jill Moncur, 46:54.6; Patty Klinghagen, 52:10.7; Jodi Hernes, 52:36; Lashelle Bruinsma, 54:07.8; Deb Raymon, 54:49.3; Cheri Winter, 55:13.2; Maria Raysby, 55:24.3;
Ages 50-59: Male—Bruce Juber, 43:56.4; John Ehrisman, 45:26.7; Terry Reeves, 47:42.3; Thomas Secor, 48:12.4; Owen Honet, 48:31.9; Mike Oltmanns, 52:59.1; Lance Mattson, 1:00.10.5; Female—Joann Lamb, 48:43.5; Cheryl Wilson, 49:13.3
Ages 60+: Female—Mary Edelen, 1:14.16

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

News preview for July 3rd issue…

Raising money for a new pool

A new swimming pool in Lennox—for the last few years, it’s been a dream — a dream that is slowly becoming more of a reality, as many individuals have stepped forward to start raising money for the project. Tonight’s Judd Hoos Street Dance is sponsored by the Lennox Commercial Club and the business group will donate the proceeds from the dance to the new swimming pool fund.
The swimming pool committee already has several fund-raisers under their belts, and are constantly thinking of new ways to raise more money. The committee is an off-shoot of the Lennox Park and Rec Advisory Board.  Members of the committee include: Sandy Richter, Bridget Lee, Larinda Collette, Lindsay Dummer, Nicole Olson, Cara Dainauski and Laura Welch. 

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Recreational trail construction to begin next year

Chad Wulf of the Lennox Park and Rec Advisory Board, recently reported on the status of the Lennox Recreational Trail.
The first phase of the walking and biking path will be located along Hwy 44 on the south edge of Lennox, from Hwy 17 and 44 west to Blaine. Bidding and construction for this project will be handled by the state and is expected to take place in 2015. The funding for this portion of the path has been covered by grants and matching funds from the City. Fund-raisers and donations will be used to enhance the path with things such as benches, trash receptacles, etc. 
The next phase of the path to be constructed will be completed along with the reconstruction of Hwy 17 on the east edge of Lennox, from Boynton to Hwy 44. This construction is expected to take place in 2016. Again, the state will control the bidding and the construction. 

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Fireworks display in Lennox to be at new location

The Fireworks Display in Lennox on the 4th of July will be at the high school parking lot this year! Parking will be allowed in the north and west parking lots.