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Thursday, January 30, 2014

News preview for Jan. 30th issue…

POET general manager speaks out on benefits of ethanol

by Debbie Schmidt
Ethanol is big business in South Dakota. POET Biorefining - Chancellor, located just west of Lennox, is a big part of the local economy. The plant utilizes over 35 million bushels of locally grown corn and processes it into 110 million gallons of ethanol on an annual basis and employs 62 people.
Dean Frederickson, General Manager at the plant, emphasized that the Chancellor plant is the largest of the POET system. He is particularly proud of the fact that the facility has the ability to produce the energy used at the plant from what is basically garbage. Their solid waste fuel boiler burns several hundred tons of wood chips each day and captures and burns methane gas from the Sioux Falls city landfill. 

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Demand for propane leads to price spike

by Erica Gaspar
The phone has been ringing off the hook at Lennox’s Farm Gas Co-Op for the last week or so, manager Mitch Jensen said. Long-lasting cold fronts have depleted the nation’s supply of propane faster than expected this season, causing an upward shift in prices.
While some Farm Gas contract customers were insulated from the recent spike in prices, which soared from $1.38 per gallon in June to $4.60 last weekend and jumped to $4.95 per gallon on Monday, others haven’t been so lucky.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

News preview for Jan. 23rd issue…

Winter rears its ugly head

It’s been awhile since there has been a blizzard in the area that caught people off-guard, but last week’s blizzard did just that. While the high winds had been predicted, Thursday of last week started out rather mild. By mid-morning a blizzard warning had been issued and by the early afternoon, it was total whiteout, making driving extremely hazardous. School was let out, but it was a slow, agonizing afternoon for the bus drivers and others heading home from school and work. 
Lennox Police Chief Orv Jorgensen said that while the City of Lennox got by very well, accidents outside of the city kept the Sheriff’s department extremely busy.

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Committee asking for help with new pool project

Over the last few years Lennox has explored the option of building a new pool. The City’s Park and Recreation Board has formed a Pool Committee to provide direction towards the completion of this project. 
The City of Lennox has committed $296,000 for the fiscal year 2014 to go into a fund specifically for a new pool. The Pool Committee’s responsibility will be to provide fund-raising opportunities for the community to donate additional funds towards the completion of this project and to provide the vision of what the new aquatic complex will look like, and see it to completion by 2016/2017.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

News preview for Jan. 16th issue…

Lennox approves 3rd penny sales tax

Lennox City Council on Monday night voted 4 to 2 to approve Ordinance #541, a 3rd penny sales tax. The tax, often referred to as a bed and booze tax, imposes an additional 1 cent sales tax on lodging accommodations, alcoholic beverages, dine-in or carry-out foods prepared for immediate consumption and ticket sales to places of amusement, athletic and cultural events. The tax applies to all such businesses within the City of Lennox who are subject to sales tax.
While the ordinance will take effect 20 days after publication of the ordinance, the tax will not be collected until July, 2014. The money collected from the 3rd penny sales tax must be used for specific purposes—for land acquisition, architectural fees, construction costs, payment for civic center, auditoriums or athletic facility buildings, including the maintenance, staffing and operations of such facilities, and the promotion and advertising of the city, its facilities, attractions and activities. For instance, the money could be spent on dues to LCEDA for development, or a sign to promote the City, Public Works Director Greg Stack said. Mayor Orville Wiebers added that the money could also be used on the pool or bike trail.
Several cities surrounding Lennox have already imposed the 3rd penny sales tax, including Tea, Worthing, Beresford, Harrisburg and Canton.

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Board approves team based planning time for teachers

Superintendent Robert Mayer thanked the board for their support throughout the years during Monday night’s regular meeting of the Lennox School Board. This week was board member appreciation week. The board members also received several letters of thanks from area students.
In other business, business manager Angela Arlt gave a superintendent search update. As of January 7 the district has had six applicants for the position. Of those six, four are in-state and three have superintendent experience. Application deadline is set for Jan. 31. The date set to determine the finalist has been switched from Feb. 12 to Feb. 10, prior to the school board meeting. 
The board accepted the resignation Pat Harrington, custodian, effective immediately. 
A date was set for the school board election which will be held Apr. 8, 2014. There will be three positions open as Mary Peters, Sandy Poppenga, and Dawn Wolf’s terms will all be up. Applications to run for school board can be picked up on Jan. 31 and must be returned by Feb. 28. 
The focus of the board then shifted to a presentation about team based planning time. 

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

News preview for Jan. 9th issue…

New finance officer strives for success in Lennox

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Burke, SD, Lennox’s new finance officer Jerry Jones is quick to admit his first love will always be farming. He first went to school to study ag management and worked on the family farm for 10 years. However, dealing with diabetes took its toll both physically and emotionally and he decided to go back to school  in 1992 for an associate degree in accounting.
“Everything lines up like it’s supposed to,” said Jones.
Just as he graduated, the finance officer in Burke resigned and Jones was offered the position. He believed he beat out the competition because he had taken governmental education classes.

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Helping at home and far away

Community of Churches in Mission—this local group of Christians extends their hands far beyond the borders of the United States by helping local people go on missions of their own. They recently presented a $1,000 grant to Dave Cinco, to enable him to go on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic with Children of the Nations.
This will be Dave’s third trip to the Dominican Republic. Going on mission trips was something he always wanted to do. “Plus, my kids were wanting to do it and it was something in health,” added Dave, who is a nurse anesthetist.
Last year Dave was joined by his son, Jake, who is 16 and a junior at Lennox High School.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

News Preview for Jan. 2, 2014

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Some of this week's top stories include:
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• Welcome home local soldiers
• Sailor walks for wounded warriors• LHS Basketball teams, boys and girls, grab wins in latest match-ups 

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• American Profile magazine
• Relish Magazine - some tasty recipes!
• Eastern SD Peach

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