Wednesday, July 2, 2014

News preview for July 3rd issue…

Raising money for a new pool

A new swimming pool in Lennox—for the last few years, it’s been a dream — a dream that is slowly becoming more of a reality, as many individuals have stepped forward to start raising money for the project. Tonight’s Judd Hoos Street Dance is sponsored by the Lennox Commercial Club and the business group will donate the proceeds from the dance to the new swimming pool fund.
The swimming pool committee already has several fund-raisers under their belts, and are constantly thinking of new ways to raise more money. The committee is an off-shoot of the Lennox Park and Rec Advisory Board.  Members of the committee include: Sandy Richter, Bridget Lee, Larinda Collette, Lindsay Dummer, Nicole Olson, Cara Dainauski and Laura Welch. 

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Recreational trail construction to begin next year

Chad Wulf of the Lennox Park and Rec Advisory Board, recently reported on the status of the Lennox Recreational Trail.
The first phase of the walking and biking path will be located along Hwy 44 on the south edge of Lennox, from Hwy 17 and 44 west to Blaine. Bidding and construction for this project will be handled by the state and is expected to take place in 2015. The funding for this portion of the path has been covered by grants and matching funds from the City. Fund-raisers and donations will be used to enhance the path with things such as benches, trash receptacles, etc. 
The next phase of the path to be constructed will be completed along with the reconstruction of Hwy 17 on the east edge of Lennox, from Boynton to Hwy 44. This construction is expected to take place in 2016. Again, the state will control the bidding and the construction. 

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