Wednesday, July 16, 2014

News preview for July 17th issue…

School Board approves 2015 budget

The School Board meeting on July 14th opened with the Budget Hearing presented by Business Manager Angela Arlt. The thorough presentation clearly outlined the budget revenues and expenditures for each fund. The General Fund budget for the Lennox School District 41-4 for 2014-15 is $5,815,951. Revenue highlights included: 3.36% increase to State Aid; State aid per student - $4,781.14; Budgeted fall enrollment – 1,040 students; 2014 Levies payable 2015: Ag $ 1.782, Owner Occupied $ 4.252, Other $ 9.106; Using $68,111 of fund balance to balance budget - bonuses and teacher salary increases; light increase in State Apportionment, Bank Franchise Tax, & Title I monies.
General Fund Expenditure Budget Highlights showed items such as:  Salary increase for certified staff; Increased bus driver pay almost 24% - $19.50/hour; 3% increase to administrative and classified staff salaries; District covered the 2.75% health insurance increase for staff.
Arlt said the fiscal year 2014 ending balance of the general fund at $1,511,338 was higher than normal. She said, “We will want to look at our general fund balance and see if there is something we want to do with that…to spend it on our students and teachers.”

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Public concerns heard at City Council meeting

Lennox City Councilmen held their first regular meeting of the month on Monday night.
The meeting began with approval of the agenda, minutes, claims, payroll report.
Under visitors to be heard: 
New Superintendent: Kirk Easton introduced himself to the council.
Glenn Nelson was at the meeting to inquire about the Joe Kidd property that is located on South Main. Nelson is of the opinion that it does not comply with city ordinances. Public Works Director Greg Stack explained that the council approved a temporary use permit and concrete on the approach was approved.
“He has since then done that and in my opinion, he is in compliance with what the council had approved,” said Stack.
Nelson responded that parking or storage areas have to be concrete or blacktop and anything that is not has to be a grassy area. “Are we going to follow our ordinances or are we going to forget our ordinances?” said Nelson.

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