Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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Heavy rains flood communities

After receiving three inches of rain last Saturday, Lennox was deluged with another 7 to 8 inches on Monday. The rain came fast and furiously, flooding intersections and yards. Several homes in town had sewer backing up into their basements.
Councilman Mike Gregg said he has never seen anything like it. “The wastewater treatment plant operated at 1.5 million gallons yesterday and they pumped an additional 2.4 million gallons out of the lift stations that never saw the sewer plant.”
Gregg said the City employees worked through the night to try to keep on top of things.  The firemen were also on hand to help divert traffic and pump out manholes. 
He explained that the storm sewer systems in the City just aren’t built for this kind of a rain event. “If we had the $2.5 million storm sewer system we are putting in next year completed; it would have helped, but to handle an event this size, it would cost $15 million to design,” he said. The engineers generally plan for a five year event when designing storm sewer projects.
Residents that are dealing with emptying their flooded basements are advised to call their garbage service providers to get additional dumpsters if needed. Individual property owners will have to check with their own insurance companies to see if any of the damage is covered, both for those who were flooded with water or sewage. The City insurance policy will not cover that damage.

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Johnston named Curriculum Director of the Year

Kym Johnston,  Lennox School District’s curriculum director and the principal of Worthing Elementary, has been awarded Curriculum Director of the Year. Johnston is in her fourteenth year with the Lennox School District and has served in a variety of roles, including athletic director and principal positions in Lennox, Chancellor and Worthing. She also serves as the district’s professional development coordinator.
Johnston is in her second year as curriculum director, a position she had long looked forward to. “I thought it would be really rewarding to work with all the K-12 teachers in the district to provide resources for them and help them be better teachers. It’s been wonderful,” Johnston said. “Of all the positions I had for the past 14 years, this is the best fit for me. I’m happy to get up and go to work each day.”

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