Wednesday, May 21, 2014

News preview for May 22nd issue…

Former local resident to be Memorial Day speaker
Once again people of the Lennox community, along with citizens throughout the nation, will pause on Memorial Day to honor those who served and sacrificed to preserve liberty for their fellow Americans and others all over the world.
As has been the custom for over 90 years, Memorial Day services will again be conducted locally under the auspice of Brethorst-Burma American Legion Post 174. The program is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 26, and will be held at the Legion Community Hall.
Serving as Memorial Day speaker will be former Lennox resident Chet Whitney (known as Bryan in Lennox) who now lives in Sioux Falls. Bryan was born in Lennox in 1933 to parents Chet and Frances (Wierenga) Whitney. The family, which included two sisters, Mavis and Carey, lived in Canton for some years but returned to Lennox after World War II. Bryan finished high school in Lennox in 1951.

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More choices at the pump
You only have to look around to know that you are in ethanol country, with corn growing in area fields and steam rolling from POET Biorefining—Chancellor. It can be seen from miles around. Most people have grown accustomed to filling their cars and trucks with a 10% ethanol blend, but now there are more options for those who want to support the ethanol industry further. The State of South Dakota and the Federal government have offered grants to encourage service station owners to put in blender pumps.
Dave’s Service Center located on North Main has just completed installing the new gasoline blender pumps. The new pumps will allow customers to select their choice of gasoline, from gasoline with 0% ethanol to gasoline blended with 10, 20, 30 or 85 percent ethanol.
Dave Severson, owner of the service station, recently completed construction to bring the station to code for ethanol. To accomplish that, new pipes and connections had to be installed underground.
Severson explained that he has a tank of unleaded fuel and a tank of E85; the fuel becomes blended at the pump. He has a designated hose for unleaded, ethanol-free gas; a designated hose for 10% ethanol; and another hose for E20, E30 or E85 blends.
“You punch the button to select what you want for a blend,” said Severson.

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