Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Radical brain surgery gives local boy new lease on life

by Erica Gaspar
A life dictated by seizures
Kade Klinghagen was three years old when the seizures started. At first, it was only bad a few days out of the year, mostly in the winter time. Doctors traced the source of the trouble to a birth defect—a previously undetected malformation was causing seizure activity within the right hemisphere of Kade’s brain.
As he got older, the seizures worsened. Kade’s parents, Brian and Kenna, of Lennox, shuffled him from doctor to doctor in search of answers. Testing at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN showed that Kade was experiencing about 300 seizures a day at the peak of his illness. Doctors tried a litany of medications to control the disorder, even resorting to ones with black box warnings, which can be fatal. 
Brian and Kenna tried to maintain as normal of a life as possible for their family while praying for a miracle for Kade. They monitored their son’s movements carefully throughout each day and became keenly aware of subtle signs he showed just before a seizure would strike. 

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Phillip Fett to become new Lennox councilman

Phillip Fett will be the new Lennox Ward 1 councilman. He ran unopposed for the position previously held by Glenn Nelson.
When asked why he decided to run for council, Fett replied, “I’ve been here all my life, and it just seems like the last few years we’ve kind of gotten bogged down on issues that maybe weren’t as important as some of things we’ve been bypassing or putting off to the side.”
 Fett believes that all the time spent on rezoning of properties, bike trails, tree trimming, and similar issues, would be better spent on major issues affecting the City.
“I feel we need to get back to a City Administrator that has control of the day to day stuff, so the council can just give him some direction and not be so personally involved in the day to day stuff, whether it’s dealing with employees or residents,” said Fett.

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