Thursday, March 13, 2014

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Council divided on allowing rural subdivision

By Debbie Schmidt
Debate continued on the pros and cons of allowing a rural subdivision near Lennox at Monday night’s City Council meeting. In the end, a divided council voted 4-3 to stand by their recommendation to Lincoln County Commissioners to support rezoning property owned by Rowan Doorn to rural residential, the first step toward a rural housing development.
Doorn, whose property is located to the west of Lenkota Country Club, had previously presented the city with a preliminary plan for Lenkota Acres Addition. 
While City officials were in agreement that the development did not meet the City’s engineering standards, it was argued that being outside of the city limits, it shouldn’t be subject to the same standards. The council asked the engineers to revisit the sub-division ordinances.

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District’s reading program boosts students’ skills

By Erica Gaspar
The Lennox School District began implementing the Response to Intervention (RtI) program to boost student achievement in reading in 2007.
As a pilot district, Lennox staff received extensive professional development on screening, teaching and intervention methods, said Kari Oyen, a school psychologist who works with the district.
The RtI model has been used to measure student achievement and provide additional instruction when necessary to ensure students are attaining grade level appropriate goals in reading. Students are screened for reading progress and placed in the tier that most closely matches their current abilities and needs at least three times each year.

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