Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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Elections to be held for City, School

Both Lennox School District and the City of Lennox will be holding elections on April 8. 
The City of Lennox will be selecting a Mayor. Two people have filed a nominating petition—incumbent Orville Wiebers and challenger Richard Schriever.  
In Lennox Ward I, Phillip Fett will take over the seat being vacated by Glenn Nelson. Nelson chose not to run for re-election. Greg Poppenga and Mike Gregg will retain their seats in Ward II and Ward III, respectively.
Lennox School District patrons will be selecting three members for the Board of Education. Four people are vying for the position— Mary M. Peters, Sandra Poppenga, Dawn Wolf and Laura Marquardt. Peters, Poppenga, Wolf are current board members.

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Seeing Double: LHS boasts 10 sets of twins

by Erica Gaspar

At some point, nearly everyone hears that they look like someone else. With a world population of over seven billion, it’s not surprising that a few people would look alike and that some—approximately 19 million people on any given day—share a birthday. 
But a certain part of the population is unique for another combination of these characteristics: they spent every day from conception to birth together, were born together and may look exactly alike. This special segment of the population is, of course, twins.
About two percent of the U.S. population, which equates to 4.5 million people, have a twin. At Lennox High School, the ratio of twins to singletons—anyone that was not part of a multiple birth—is about five percent higher than the national average. The most recent enrollment numbers show that LHS has 285 students enrolled. Twenty of those students are twins. 
Eight of the 10 pairs of twins at LHS are fraternal. Three sets of twins—Austin and Rachel Odland, Jacob and Alison Ziegler, Abby and Baylee Abraham, Eric and Haley Reinholt, Toni and Timber “Timi” Serr and Logan and Whitley Barr—are currently in the ninth grade and two sets—Catlynn and Taber Lee and McKenzie and Taylor Weeldreyer—are in tenth. Connor and Cameron Abbas are juniors and Carly and Cody VanDenBosch are seniors.

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