Wednesday, February 12, 2014

News preview for Feb. 13th issue…

Council gives nod to development by golf course

By Debbie Schmidt
While Lennox City Council did not approve Rowan “Rosie” and Carol Doorn’s preliminary subdivision plan for Lenkota Acres Addition on Monday night, they did confirm that they would give a letter in support of the project to the Lincoln County Commissioners so that the land could be rezoned to rural residential.
The Doorns have fought for years to develop their land west of the Lenkota Country Club. Last year they hired Eric Willadsen, an engineer with the Willadsen Lund Engineering Firm, to draw up an engineered plan. The Planning Commission approved the Preliminary Subdivision Plan for Lenkota Acres Addition last November, but were then told by the council that a public hearing needed to be held. That hearing was held on Jan. 30 and the Commission again approved the plan.
Another public hearing was held on Monday night as the preliminary plan came before the council. The Doorns had returned from their winter home in Arizona to attend the meeting. Willadsen spoke to the council on the Doorns’ behalf.

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High speed chase ends in the arrest of an 18-year old Lennox man

By Debbie Schmidt
A burglary at Cenex last Wednesday evening, eventually led to the arrest of an 18-year-old Lennox man, Justin Bentley.
Lincoln County Deputy Aaron Bartscher spotted a vehicle in the Cenex parking lot about 2:30 Thursday morning and recognized Bentley, who was wanted on a probation violation and suspicion of stealing a handgun. As the officer went to arrest him, Bentley sped north on Highway 17 towards Tea. Bartscher and Lennox Police Officer Chad Papke pursued.  As he approached Tea, Tea Police Officer Steve Lowry placed a spike strip on 272nd St., which blew out Bentley’s tires. He was apprehended at 271st St. and 468th Ave. The stolen handgun was found in the vehicle.
Lennox Police Chief Orv Jorgensen said that over $3,000 was stolen from Cenex, but most of it was recovered. The business had not been broken into, so it is believed the thief used a set of keys to gain entry. Jorgensen said the burglary was still under investigation.

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