Thursday, January 23, 2014

News preview for Jan. 23rd issue…

Winter rears its ugly head

It’s been awhile since there has been a blizzard in the area that caught people off-guard, but last week’s blizzard did just that. While the high winds had been predicted, Thursday of last week started out rather mild. By mid-morning a blizzard warning had been issued and by the early afternoon, it was total whiteout, making driving extremely hazardous. School was let out, but it was a slow, agonizing afternoon for the bus drivers and others heading home from school and work. 
Lennox Police Chief Orv Jorgensen said that while the City of Lennox got by very well, accidents outside of the city kept the Sheriff’s department extremely busy.

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Committee asking for help with new pool project

Over the last few years Lennox has explored the option of building a new pool. The City’s Park and Recreation Board has formed a Pool Committee to provide direction towards the completion of this project. 
The City of Lennox has committed $296,000 for the fiscal year 2014 to go into a fund specifically for a new pool. The Pool Committee’s responsibility will be to provide fund-raising opportunities for the community to donate additional funds towards the completion of this project and to provide the vision of what the new aquatic complex will look like, and see it to completion by 2016/2017.

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