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Thursday, September 26, 2013

News preview for Sept. 26th issue…

Taking a leadership role in the district: Allison steps in as Middle School Principal

A passion for science and coaching brought Chad Allison into the teaching field. After teaching for several years, his classroom goals evolved into goals for the entire school, making Allison ready to take the step into administration.
“I wanted to be a leader in the district, not just in the classroom,” he said.
Allison has taken on that leadership role in the Lennox School District as the new LWC Middle School Principal.

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Summer construction season nearing end

As construction season nears its end, both Lennox and Worthing have finished up some major projects.
In Lennox, work has finished on the 4th Ave. Water Main project. Lennox received a $400,000 grant to replace old cast iron water main with new PVC pipe. One block of sanitary sewer was also replaced. The contractor for the job was Winter Brothers Underground Inc. During the construction period traffic was limited in the area and residents are no doubt glad to see the project come to an end.
Last week, BumbleBee-Gibson Inc. laid down dust control on 4th Ave. and one block each of Harrison and Blaine, between 3rd and 4th Avenues, marking the end of construction.
It is the City’s intention to asphalt the streets that had asphalt before the construction, according to Lennox Public Works Director Greg Stack. That project will not take place until next year and may be delayed due to storm sewer work.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

News preview for Sept. 20 issue…

Founders of Lenkota Golf Course honored

By Debbie Schmidt
Forty-six years ago, golfers in the Lennox area played on a course located south of the Lennox Cemetery. There was one problem though,  the golf club had been renting the land and the owners were ready to sell. Unfortunately, the golf club could not afford to buy it.
Then, thanks to the vision of the board and the support of the Lenkota Country Club members, a new course was set—the members bought land to the west of Lennox from Dr. Howard Opheim. They did not have any money, but each member paid $25 for stock and they took out a government loan to cover the cost of the land.  Herb Fylling, a Lennox banker, designed the course. Joe Hofer was a big help, as was Gene Rehder, who built the greens. He was the greenskeeper at Minnehaha Country Club in Sioux Falls at the time.

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Military families: Moms never stop worrying

By Tom Schmidt
On her 21st birthday, SPC Alyshia Newell boarded a plane with the rest of her unit on their way to Afghanistan. As the plane lifted off, Alyshia’s family departed Rapid City on the longest six hour drive of their lives as they headed back to Lennox.
Casey Gesling fights back the tears as she remembers the drive back home after dropping off her daughter Alyshia, “My youngest daughter, Julia, collapsed when her sister got on the bus and drove away and here I am trying to hold my composure for my soldier, to comfort her sister and her brother,” Casey said. It was a quiet somber drive home.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

News preview for Sept. 12th issue…

Council works to lower property taxes with 2014 budget

Lennox City Council members opened their meeting on Monday night at 6 p.m. with an executive session.
The regular meeting began at approximately 7:10 p.m.
Following the approval of the minutes, claims and payroll report, visitors were invited to speak.
Richard Schriever had questions about several sidewalks in town. He also remarked that City ordinances require council approval if a house is moved in or out of town. He questioned whether the ordinance was being followed.
Councilman Glenn Nelson and Mayor Orville Wiebers agreed that the matter needed to be looked into.
Finance Officer David Schonhardt reported that the audit reports had been received and auditor Ben Elliot was continuing to assist with issues resulting from the conversion from the old computer system to the new one.

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Cowboys compete at Mounted Shooters State Shoot

Dakota Territory Mounted Shooters held the South Dakota State Shoot at the Whitehead Arena this past weekend. Even the hot weather didn’t keep the horsemen away from this annual event. Mounted contestants compete in this fast action timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers each loaded with five rounds of specially prepared blank ammunition. There are a variety of levels of competition for everyone, ranging from novice levels to the seasoned professional. 

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

News preview for Sept. 5th issue…

Military families: Hardships of deployment

By Tom Schmidt
Men and women from within our community have volunteered to serve their country by enlisting into the Armed Forces. This service does not come without hardships to the service member as they are being called upon more frequently, to serve their country far from home and in hazardous conditions. These deployments affect more than just the service member; they often bring hardships upon family members. 
Military families is a series that will give readers a glimpse into the lives of those left at home who quietly count the days until their loved ones return.
Britney married her high school sweet heart, Matt Mower, five years ago and together they made the decision for Matt to join the South Dakota Air National Guard. 

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LHS Student Council prepares for Homecoming

The Lennox High School student council is looking forward to another busy year with plans starting already for Homecoming.  The theme this year is “Wild Wild West.”
Students will show their spirit by dressing up during the week of September 9 through September 13.  The days are as follows:  America Monday, Toga Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Thrift Shop Thursday, and Spirit (Black and Orange) Friday.

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