Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Taking a leadership role in the district: Allison steps in as Middle School Principal

A passion for science and coaching brought Chad Allison into the teaching field. After teaching for several years, his classroom goals evolved into goals for the entire school, making Allison ready to take the step into administration.
“I wanted to be a leader in the district, not just in the classroom,” he said.
Allison has taken on that leadership role in the Lennox School District as the new LWC Middle School Principal.

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Summer construction season nearing end

As construction season nears its end, both Lennox and Worthing have finished up some major projects.
In Lennox, work has finished on the 4th Ave. Water Main project. Lennox received a $400,000 grant to replace old cast iron water main with new PVC pipe. One block of sanitary sewer was also replaced. The contractor for the job was Winter Brothers Underground Inc. During the construction period traffic was limited in the area and residents are no doubt glad to see the project come to an end.
Last week, BumbleBee-Gibson Inc. laid down dust control on 4th Ave. and one block each of Harrison and Blaine, between 3rd and 4th Avenues, marking the end of construction.
It is the City’s intention to asphalt the streets that had asphalt before the construction, according to Lennox Public Works Director Greg Stack. That project will not take place until next year and may be delayed due to storm sewer work.

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