Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Founders of Lenkota Golf Course honored

By Debbie Schmidt
Forty-six years ago, golfers in the Lennox area played on a course located south of the Lennox Cemetery. There was one problem though,  the golf club had been renting the land and the owners were ready to sell. Unfortunately, the golf club could not afford to buy it.
Then, thanks to the vision of the board and the support of the Lenkota Country Club members, a new course was set—the members bought land to the west of Lennox from Dr. Howard Opheim. They did not have any money, but each member paid $25 for stock and they took out a government loan to cover the cost of the land.  Herb Fylling, a Lennox banker, designed the course. Joe Hofer was a big help, as was Gene Rehder, who built the greens. He was the greenskeeper at Minnehaha Country Club in Sioux Falls at the time.

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Military families: Moms never stop worrying

By Tom Schmidt
On her 21st birthday, SPC Alyshia Newell boarded a plane with the rest of her unit on their way to Afghanistan. As the plane lifted off, Alyshia’s family departed Rapid City on the longest six hour drive of their lives as they headed back to Lennox.
Casey Gesling fights back the tears as she remembers the drive back home after dropping off her daughter Alyshia, “My youngest daughter, Julia, collapsed when her sister got on the bus and drove away and here I am trying to hold my composure for my soldier, to comfort her sister and her brother,” Casey said. It was a quiet somber drive home.

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